Monday, July 29, 2013

WE Can Do This

How y'all doin?!
Well, it has been one amazing week! That is more certain! Last week I got the news that I would be leaving Johns Creek and many tearful goodbyes were said before Wednesday morning. As I made my visits to only a portion of the people that I've grown to love in my first area I could not believe how much love filled my heart. There are so many amazing blessings of being a missionary; but my favorite so far is how much I am capable of loving.  I was overwhelmed. I even said to Sister Hamilton with tears in my eyes, "How is this possible? And how is this fair? I can't leave these people.. they are my family" I truly feel that I felt Celestial love .. and felt a decimal of what it must have been like for Heavenly Father to say goodbye to His children before they left their "first area" to venture out on the next part of their mission. This is just such a beatiful and humbling experience! The good news though, is that when the Lord closes a door somewhere he opens a window... this last week a few windows opened and they all overlook rolling green hills!
On Wednesday I left the only home I've known in Georiga, packed up all my things, and headed to the mission home. I was SO nervous.."What do I know about opening an area, HECK, WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT BEING A MISSIONARY! How am I going to do this?" As my own thoughts crowded my mind.. a thought that was not mine came to me, the Holy Ghost impressed my mind with four words.. "WE can do this." It was the most comforting thing to know that I will be able to train and help my Sister because the Lord is our third companion. About an hour later I met my new Sister! Her name is Sister Kelly and is an absolute doll! She is from Salem,Oregon and is already an amazing missionary. (We get along really well, which is a huge blessing!) After the craziness at the mission office we then loaded up our car (yes I am still in a car and not only my bike, thank goodness!) and drove to Hickory Flat. This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! It is way more country than Johns Creek is and already feels like home. The ward is INCREDIBLE and so excited to have Sister Missionaries which makes it fun! They had the apartment all set up and have been so kind in every way. We are doing our best to get to know the ward... we are splitting it with 2 amazing elders who are from Tonga! They are so kind and have been awesome to work with. As we are trying to put names with faces it really helped that they had an awesome ward party on Saturday... somehow I already love the people of Hickory Flat as much as those in my last area!
There have been so many miracles, like the fact that we already have some potential investigators and have found some amazing less active members but the one I want to focus on is Morgan. When we were at the ward part a member in the ward came up to us, Brother Kelley, and told us that he has been waiting for Sisters to get here so his 18 year old daughter (Morgan) can take the lessons! We were able to set up a time to go and talk to her and BAM- like that we have an investigator! Last night we had our first lesson with her and it was mine and Sister Kelly's first lesson teaching! It was totally by the Spirit and ended up being a really neat experience! She said that she has a desire to get baptized -  there are NO better words than those for a missionary!
All together, I have learned SO much this past week, but the main thing that I've learned is that the Lord needs us to help his children! He needs us to love one another and serve each other to the best of our ability. I know that those who need to be helped are EVERYWHERE... we just have to look for opportunities to serve!

As I've been thinking a lot about Z the past week, (seeing that he enters the MTC THIS WEDNESDAY!) I've been wishing I could be apart of his experience! I've been praying to have some peace ... then I found out that Sister Kelly's brother is going to be serving in my home mission... and Zach is going to be serving in the mission next to hers! What are the chances?!  In case that wasn't a "strange connection" the second night we were here we had dinner with an AWESOME couple who just got home from serving their mission in ... EUGENE, OREGON! Where Zach is headed in only a few short weeks! They told me that the Mission President is the most amazing man and that Zach is going to love his mission. I felt like their stories from their mission, and their testimony of love for that area was an answer to my prayers. I know that Elder Beasley is going to be the most AMAZING missionary and that he is going to love his time serving the Lord as much as I love mine! I am so grateful to have that sweet, big LITTLE brother out here serving with me! I know that because we are serving at the same time, we will recieve blessings that will help one another continue to find more of the Lords children who need to hear this message.

Here is to another great week!
Look for opportunities! Look for miracles! I promise you will see them!
I love you all.
-Sister Beasley

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