Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!

Hey Y'all
I hope your fall is going as wonderful as mine. Everywhere here we are seeing the words "Happy Fall Y'all", I just really love the south. Well... believe it or not it has been three months since I've been in Hickory Flat and sadly, my time here is up! Last week both me and Sister Kelly got phone calls informing us that we would be training! The Assistants accidentally slipped and told Sister Kelly that she would be staying in Hickory Flat and so I've had a few more days to prepare and say goodbye to everyone! It is so hard to leave this wonderful place...I couldn't love the people here anymore and I feel good about saying they have become my family...but a wise person once said "Families are forever, and that includes ward families" I will be FOREVER grateful to have been in the Hickory Flat Ward Family for this portion of my mission! I know the people I met in the ward and the people we worked to bring closer to Christ are some of the best people I know! I am excited that Sister Kelly gets to stay here and I know she is going to be awesome. So... I am heading to Fort Yargo. Don't ask me where it's at... but next week I will give you all the details!
It's crazy... you go on a mission... you get assigned to these tiny areas and to these people you don't know... and somehow, they become your entire existence! Every day is filled with figuring out ways you can serve them! Then, one day you just up and move! I am here to testify that this is only done because of the Holy Ghost and the help of the Lord! I dont think my work is done in Hickory Flat--- and I pray I will be back one day!!! With Sister Kelly as my companion! How awesome would that be?

Ok, so here is a run down of what has happened in Hickory Flat this past week...
The part member family we are working with is doing awesome! They watched almost all of conference and are growing closer to the Spirit everday! We were able to meet with them twice. I know part of the reason we were sent to this area was to work with them. It was hard to realize as we were teaching them that it would be some of our last appointments, but I know they will keep going and keep doing the things that will bring them closer to the Lord!  We taught seminary! Our youth here are so amazing! When I was in seminary.. I was skipping as often as I could, but these kids are here at 6:30 in the morning ready to learn the gospel! We would ask questions and they would have amazing answers and scriptures to back it up! SO neat! We went to Lilburn for the trainer meeting and I couldn't be more exicted to train again! Training Sister Kelly was the best! And not only do I get to do it again, but she gets to too! She is going to be great! And hey, the fact that we are both training makes me realize I didn't screw up too bad! Phew! We went to see a lady we met a couple weeks ago... this sweet little old thing.. and when I told her I was leaving at the end of our lesson she said two words to me "shut up!" It caught us off guard and was the funniest thing ever!!! We said a last prayer with her and she told us she needed us... and that the Lord was watching out for her by sending us to her!  I will miss her so much!  Another cool story, one of the families in the ward gave us a neighborhood they wanted us to knock and we met a couple from Haiti who met with sister missionaries when they were here YEARS ago! The dad has read the Book of Mormon and they want to come to church! It was such a small blessing! Another amazing thing was seeing my mom's best friend Jill! She is so sweet and it was so cool to go to lunch with her and her mom! I am grateful we were able to connect while I am out here!

So...a millilon more things probably happened, because it was the best last week a sister could ask for, but this is gonna have to be enough for this week!!

I bore my testimony on Sunday and talked about the fact that a year ago... I had just started my mission papers and I called my Mom and all I could say is "My heart is so full". I now have been out for 6 months and I am wondering when my heart is going to burst! I feel so blessed everday to be a missionary and to be experiencing all of this!

This gospel brings so much good. I love you all.
-Sister Beasley

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