Monday, December 9, 2013

Knowing The Lord Means Becoming Like Him

Good Morning!
If you are reading this in the morning, mid-day, evening, or in the middle of the night it doesn't matter... that salutation works for it all. Our dear friend Abraham, no matter when we call or see him, greets us with that! So, again to you I say, "Good Morning!"

So a quick and funny story, this morning our car battery was dead so a member said he would bring over a battery charger because we didn't want to jumpstart it in the rain- as we were pushing the car into the garage (me and Sister Chapman alone)  I felt an extra push... my first thought, "Jesus, taking the wheel?" Then I look over... and it's our across the street neighbor, helping us push it! So, even when it's not the Lord himself, it's one of his friends there to take care of the poor Sisters in skirts, pushing the red Toyota corolla with the bike rack!
It's been a solid week; full of finding new investigators, finding people who give us things that they think would make us question our faith, finding people who needed an extra boost that the gospel can bring, and of course finding those who wanted us off their porch. Ya gotta love it all, right? Even in bad times, everything seems to be sweeter (& colder) because it is the Christmas season! I love the south.. but I am missing the snow. All the cute wreathes on the outside of house windows make up for the lack of white sparky stuff covering the ground, I suppose.
We are still teaching Abraham, he is still on date for baptism, and he is still soaking in the gospel like crazy! He's read through the entire Gospel Principals book as well as 1 Nephi. He says that he loves the Bible, but for him the Book Of Mormon is easy and understandable! (I need whatever glasses he is wearing because I still have trouble with it! - Haha!) He mentioned that he wishes he would have found it earlier in life... but I know all things happen in the Lords time. He also said he wished his wife would have lived long enough to go to church and learn about what he is learning... and once again, I had an overwhelming feeling that she is on the other-side, learning these things at the same time! If only every person we met was as prepared as Abraham!
While knocking doors this week a few classic things happened... for instance; Sister Chapman taking a small fall in the red mud that covers this place and us laughing so hard we couldn't breathe! I'm sure as the neighbors looked outside their windows they were pretty concerned for us!! Then we found a few less actives by accident. One lady told us that the FBI needs to hire more Mormons because we can hunt people down like no one else. I thought of telling her we work for the Lord, not the government, but I refrained. It was neat to see that the Lord will lead us to places we need to be!
A lot of times me and Sister Chapman will come out of a lesson and just be shocked. One night we met a young man who said that his wife would be interested in learning more and so we set up a time that same day to go and teach them the Restoration. The Spirit was strong.. they prayed to know if it was true and felt a strong feeling that it was... and even said that this was what they had been looking for. So, me and Sister Chapman walked out to our car and were just shocked.... sometimes it is unbelievable how the Spirit works! 
Unfortunatly, sometimes agency is the worst thing ever!  The next day that couple decided that they didn't want to learn more and didn't want to go to church. Of course, that is heartbreaking to hear... but it doesn't take away from the Spirit, the feelings felt, the prayers that were answered, and the things learned the day before! So.. even when things fall apart, the foundation still stands and it is clear to see that the Lord was there with us and that people sometimes need their hearts softened a little more before the Gospel can really help and change them!
We met with Alexis this week and she asked us pretty profound question for a 12 year old... "How can I come to know Jesus Christ better... what can I do to learn more about who He is." I loved that question, because there are so many answers... we can study scriptures and words from prophets, pray, and attend church meetings. I have been thinking about why it's important we know who the Savior and another question entered my mind, "When we come to know who the Savior is, what are we supposed to do?" The answer is found in 3 Nephi 27:27 that says, "Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am". Knowing who Christ is, is important, but when we develop a true relationship with him, we become more and more like Him everday.. and that is our ultimate goal. Little Alexis doesn't realize that she is so much like Christ that people all around her are looking to her example, which is the example that she set because she follows Christ's example! This week her younger brother met with the Elders and he is on date to be baptized at the end of December!

I am so grateful for people all around me who are so Christ-like; between the man helping us with our car, the wonderful people we are teaching the Gospel to who love and know how important it is, the amazing ward members who share their groceries with us and allow us into their homes for visits, and of course all my family and friends at home ... I realize that one of the ways I have come to know Christ is through each of you.
As the countdown to Christmas continues, find ways everyday to show people who Christ is through you... I know that will strengthen your faith in Him.

I love y'all so much and I love the Lord's mission here in Georgia that he is allowing me to serve.
God bless, Godspeed & may the Good Lord bless each of all y'alls hearts!
-Sister Beasley
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