Monday, September 1, 2014

I"m Awake!...And I Don't Want To Miss A Moment Of September!

Hey Y'all
September is here.
Each year, when this month rolls around, somehow the song "Wake me up when September ends" by Greenday always seems to be on repeat and playing through my mental soundtrack.... This year, I am doing everything to keep that song as far from my mind as possible... and to be fully awake and engaged in every possible minute of September.
Here's how August ended---
Me and my companion walk into a nursing home and this old lady looks at us and says, "wait til the boys see you"..... Haha! Great news, the only boys that are seeing us are the ones we are preaching the gospel to! It was a sweet compliment to get, especially when you feel like a frumpy sister.
Clarisa is doing so so so well. Saying she is "solid" is the biggest understatement, ever. She is a rock! We saw her twice this week! The first time we read through some of the Book of Mormon with her and it was so special to hear her bear testimony on the Scriptures and hear how they bring her great strength... as well as a stronger relationship with God and Jesus Christ. The second time we saw her we all ate dinner together and played games! I love that being a missionary doesn't just mean you get to teach people the Gospel, but you also get to be their friend!
One day, me and my companion were doing everything in our power to not tract in the dead heat of the day.. and so after all our appointments fell through we decided to visit a member... as we were looking at the list a name popped out to us... so we went by... and sure enough it was inpsried! This sweet older lady was having a really hard day and dealing with some frustrations and heartache. She found someone to sell her house, and earlier that same day that we stopped by, they backed out. She said that having us there meant that she knew Heavenly Father was there for her and and aware of her.
After a long day of tracting me and Summerhays were driving around, and we decided to make a "House Hunters" video... basically it's just us driving though a neighborhood talking about our dream houses. We are so lame. And have so much fun.
Trevor, our investigator, had a strong desire for his parents and The Williams.. (a family in the ward who helped him with his testimony and journey) to meet. Trevor left for College, so we arranged a gathering at the Williams house! We show up, knock on the door, and lo and behold Trevor answers!! He had come home for the long weekend and we had an awesome lesson and visit with him and his parents; sometimes it's just so refreshing to really get to know people and hear their ideas and listen to what they believe.
This week, we had really great dinners with many people in the ward! 2 families brought friends to dinner who are not members. Even the most simple desire and effort to share the gospel is never wasted! On Friday I had the fine privelage of going out tracting with a member and hear her mission stories! She is on fire about inviting people to take the lessons and has such a sweet spirit! While with her we found a new invetigator, someone who has already read the book of mormon and is excited to learn more!!
I am grateful for my mission because I am more alert and more awake than ever before to the truthfulness of the gospel, to the knowledge that it blesses lives, and to the love that I have for it!
I love you all so much!
Godbless and Gospeed!
-Sister Beasley

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