Monday, June 10, 2013

If You Love 'Em, Tell 'Em!

Well, we have been in sort of a drought and the past weeks have been hard but things REALLY started picking up! We have been teaching two men who are really great, one is muslim and one is a jehovas witness. We are also teaching a mom and her son... not only has teaching been going really well but so has everything! We have been meeting our goals and I have felt like my purpose as a missionary has really been fufilled. This week I laughed hard, worked hard, and felt the spirit so strongly! I know that being yourself in missionary work is the most important thing you can do! Right now we are teaching English to a young asian girl who is investigating the church, (but the Elders in our ward are teaching her!) I have never taught english before but it is very rewarding and actually is an awesome way to convert people to the gospel!
I want to share with you something that I have learned over the past month. I always thought that when I went on a mission the spirit would speak loudly to me and tell me exactly where to go; surprisingly, this doesn't always happen. The hardest things is finding people, even though you are surrounded by them always! Luckily in the past week I have seen that when you are working hard and doing what you are supposed to do, you end up where you need to be sharing a message with someone who needs it!
On Saturday the ward I am serving in had a big "new comers social" and we were way excited for it was being held at the home of a member in our ward who has a pool and it was going to be casual; there were people coming who are less active and non members so it made our evening not only fun but beneficial for the work as well! We were having a hard time filling the hours before it because in all honesty, we just wanted for the time to be up so we could go! I felt like we needed to go to a street that a member in our ward lives on. No one was home... no but really, we knocked on like a bazillion doors and maybe talked to 4 people. As we were on our way up to another house a woman in a car started honking and shifted into reverse; we turned around and started walking towards her. She asked us which church we were from and instantly we both thought that she was from the HOA and kicking us out, instead she was really interested and told us that she had a friend that we need to visit and even took a card of ours, thinking that she would benefit from our message! IT WAS AMAZING! Who knows if she will accept the gospel or even call us back but I know that she needed that moment with us to lift her spirits.
We continued knocking on doors and didn't find anyone. We were about to leave and make our way to the party but we decided to knock a few doors on the other side as we made our way back to the car.
We came to a house where the lady looked out the window and then slowly opened the door, "you wouldn't happen to be Sister Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ, would ya?" she said. She was a member but had quit going ... she was hesitant to let us but then did. The mood changed and we discussed why she left the church and found out that she still believes in it, just not all of the teachings. Before we left Sister Hamilton said a prayer and this sweet sister cried through the whole thing! It was so tender and I know, without a doubt that one of the best parts of missionary work is strengthening those who are less active. The miracle of this was that her records are not even in our ward --- it was totally by the spirit that we stopped in.
I love this work.
In my journal-- at the end of the day sometimes I hashtag, this week one of my hashtags was #ilovebeingamissionary
& that I do.
Please, pray for me and my family. This week our great granny passed away and my heart is broken and full all at the same time. It is hard to be away from those I love. Take a moment and tell someone you love just how much you love them.
Love you all,
Sister Beasley

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