Monday, February 3, 2014

State Of Peace

Friends and Family-

Quote of the week "When it snows in the Georgia , the Utahns feels at home. When it snows in Georgia, the Georgians declare it 'A State of Emergency'."

So we made history this week here in the South! IT SNOWED last Tuesday... yes- white, lovely, glittery snow. First it started out by our mission president telling us that we couldn't drive our cars and we needed to be on foot, then we got another phone call a few hours later and we were all sent inside all day Tuesday. So what did we do? We did what any sophisticated, classy, young sister missionaries would- we had a snowball fight, ran around in the snow, changed into our pajamas, made some food and hot coco, and turned on The District. It was pretty funny to get a voicemail the next morning from President Wolfert; he said that all missionaries were accounted for and that he had reported to Salt Lake that everyone in the mission was safe. Now, had this been a big storm... it would have made sense, but the fact that there wasn't even three inches and barely any ice on the road made this sister chuckle to herself, and her companion as well. The quote of the week, about it being a state of emergency, that wasn't a joke! Someone told us that literally happened!! 
So Wednesday we set out on foot. (still to much ice and snow to drive, but not enough to keep us from finding our brothers and sisters who are in need of the gospel, or at least a shoveled driveway) Even though we thought it would be pointless to get out, we found new investigators and people who wanted to be baptized! Had the snow not come, we probably wouldn't have thought to go so close to our house to tract and find people... and the so called "storm" ended up being a blessing. While we were walking to do a service project we passed a gas station; there was a woman sitting in her car staring at us, it looked like she was about to leave. As we walked by she got out of her car and asked if we were Mormons... why yes, yes we are. She asked if we would say a prayer with her, that she had met with Missionaries in the past, and that she was going through a rough time. She was frantic and depressed and as we prayed with her a peace seemed to come over her. It was a really neat experience and perfect example of how brilliant the Lords timing is. 

After the snow melted we were able to get into the homes of some of the people we have been working with. We met one fellow last week who was one of the most promising guys I have ever met, I just knew things would click for him and his family. Well, we went back to teach more about the Restoration, and of course he had stumbled upon stuff that would make him question the church and the Book of Mormon. It was probably one of the hardest hours of my life trying to help him understand the doctrine of the gospel and put away the anti-mormon documents, but, at the end he still had no desire. We left that lesson and felt a little discouraged, but then I realized that even though he didn't want to hear more... and even though it wasn't exactly what we hoped for, we still had felt the Spirit- and that is all that matters. Any time we feel the Spirit, it's a success.

Of course no week is complete without meeting a few funny people, who say a few funny things, like-
1. "I've never really been into religion. I am more into aliens."
2. "Are you telling me I can't ride my motorcycle on Sundays? I am at one with the Lord out there when I'm on it! He keeps me on the thing!"
3. "Do you guys do exorcisms?"
4. "Don't waste your time here.. find someone who needs it, I'm already a Jesus Freak!"

It was a great week. One I'll never forget, that's for sure.

Last night, as I was going to bed, I was thinking about everything I wanted to include in my letter home and I was thinking about the contrast between emergencies and times you feel peace -  just like the difference between me being in the snow, and the rest of the state being in the snow...
Today... as I sat down to read my emails from home, my heart broke into a million tiny little pieces and I read that my Great Grandpa fell from a ladder yesterday and broke his hip and pelvis, he is 94. Tears streamed down my eyes as I realized that things aren't looking so good and that it is probably only a matter of time before he leaves this world and returns to our Heavenly Home. In many ways, this became an emergency to me.
As I read what my parents had written me, as well as my amazing brother, my state of emergency lessened... 

"Me and Brent gave him a blessing the night it happened. He is a great man and he has been such a great example. I have prayed hard that The Lord would take him and stop his pain." - Dad"Grandpa has said Heavenly Father in some of his babbling and also keeps referring to his grandmother.  I think death for him will be rather sweet.  He has led such a beautiful life.  I hope he'll get that peace and a wonderful homecoming." - Mom
"I know that this time is hard for all of us and I know that it hurts but he is strong! This moment of pain and sorrow will be brief and then he will be able to see our sweet granny! As I got up to give my testimony yesterday I held in my hand my bolo tie that I got in grants pass! it is looks just like papas, I looked down at it as I said families can be together forever. I know that through this hard time that god will bless us! I know he is there with all of us and that he is there with papa! Family is Forever!" - Zach
Even before I got to the email that told me about Grandpa, I read one from Mer who just lost a niece, she had said, 
"I truly stand all amazed and am so grateful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and for the Atonement that makes it possible for sad experiences like this, to be joyful and hopeful for the future.  I couldn't help but think how much harder and sad it would've been for this sweet family without this knowledge and I'm grateful for it."

With words like these, and a simple prayer, I felt more peace come upon me than ever before- and my disastrous emergency lessened with the remembrance of strong families, strong knowledge, strong plans, strong love and strong peace. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, for the Spirit, for my family, and for our Heavenly Father. I would ask that each of you would remember my family in your prayers as we face and look forward to our wonderful Great Grandpa returning to Granny and the rest of our family who awaits him there.

Even the worst of emergencies can turn into peaceful moments with the help of the Lord.

I love you all so much.
-Sister Beasley

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