Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy To Progrees. Happy To Work. Happy To Teach. Happy Happy Happy.

Hello Hello!

I've learned about progression this week... the hard way... you might be wondering what that is, and that is to not be progressing, whatsoever. The cause of it was the snow. We had to spend a lot of time indoors this past week and on foot as well. The being on foot thing was ok, other than people being truly concerned for us being out and knocking on their doors. It started to make me a little nervous when everyone mentioned that we needed to be really safe and cautious. But, "I survived the Atlanta snow storm of 2014!", yes we are making shirts.  Anyway, the day we had to stay indoors I learned an important lesson, that sitting inside your apartment for 24 hours does things to you... and NOT in a good way. But, I too survived "The Georgia Atlanta North missionary captivity of 2014"! - (not making shirts). Long story short, I was more than happy to get back to work.

Anyway, the show & snow went on.. and good things happened. No raining, or hailing, or icing, or snowing... on our parade or missionary work!

We met interesting people! Some of the best ever! It is so cool to be able to go into a home and teach the restoration to humble, good christian people and have them be extremely receptive. And yes, the fellow reminded me of Duck Dynasty! Which made me love it even more!  You walk out of appointments like that and simply can't stop smiling. On the flip side, sometimes you meet people who aren't so receptive and want to argue everything and roll their eyes, and yet.. you still smile when you leave. The opposition helps you progress.

Our dear friend Eddie Carter is going to be baptized this next coming up weekend! I couldn't be more excited! I love their family so much and can't wait for it! This is the same guy who joked about the "moronic priesthood" --- and so when he mentioned that he might dunk his nephew who is baptizing him, after the baptism, I about died of laughter! I will keep everyone posted. Either way, it is going to be memorable.

We also have been teaching a part-member family. We taught the wife the plan of salvation and it went so well, she just got it. I got it too. The Plan of Salvation, Heavenly Fathers plan for us as individuals, but more importantly as families, is so perfect and gives us so much meaning! I love teaching that lesson and I love helping people realize that through the Lord they are able to progress. Without the Atonement, none of it would be possible! It fuels the plan and keeps it going!

I love all of you and miss you! Keep progressing, in the right way. :) Remember that Satan wants us to think that degression is progression. Fun fact, it's not. Move forward and do what you need to do.

Love y'all --- all the ice in my driveway!!
-Sister Beasley

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