Monday, March 3, 2014

And When He Hath Found It, He Layeth It On His Shoulders, Rejoicing.

Friends & Family -

So when you are a missionary, you have this wonderful thing called companion inventory each week. It is when you set goals and talk about the strength of your relationship with your companion. You can also, if necessary, talk about problems you are having. Luckily, issues, or "beef" as I call it, are few are far between. This is also a time where you "share with your companion what you think her strengths are." Sister Winegar shared some really nice things with me... and then decided to add in one more - and I quote - "You are really good at losing things."
Those who know me know that I can lose anything. This week I successfully lost the keys and cell phone on more than one occasion, my camera case, and even some important documents that we needed. Honestly, people think I am joking around when I say "If my head wasn't attached I would lose that too!" but, it's a pretty serious statement. It is depressing to me that the most spoken words from this sisters mouth are "Hey, have you seen ________?" but I am learning to live with it! Haha! Even though I may be the most forgetful person I know, I am grateful to know that we have a Heavenly Father who knows exactly where everything is. I have learned to rely on him to find my missing belongings and to be guided to his people, our brothers and sisters, who are lost. The Lord doesn't only know where we are, He also knows what we need. 

This week I was on exchange with a darling sister serving in my zone, we were tracting in the Dacula Ward boundaries and we found the sweetest lady ever! She opened the door and said "I've been waiting to see the sisters, come in." We were shocked with her response, but didn't stop to wait for a second invitation. Before we knew it we were sitting on her couch and listening to her story!... Just wait for this...  17 days before this encounter, she and her husband were on a cruise headed to Antarctica and her husband got so ill that they had to get off the boat and fly home. Before they got off the boat they had made friends with 3 couples who were all on the same cruise, these were all members of the church, and asked if the husbands could give him a Priesthood Blessing. They both ended up receiving blessings and said they felt the power of God! They have kept in touch with those friends and they have been sharing more about the church! One of the couples even has a granddaughter serving in this mission! This awesome couple, Jim and Anne also know a member in the Ward and said that we could come back and teach them more!! This experience was absolutely amazing because we had no clue of any of this, we were just out knocking doors. The Lord knows where we need to be. He knows who is ready! 

We have continued teaching Sonya and she has opened up about some trials she is facing in her life and knows that the Gospel can help her with these problems. As we taught her this past week I could see in her face that she has been feeling more and more love from Heavenly Father. I also know that she has hope that this is where she needs to be! Sonya has often wondered what is her purpose here and as we talked about the Plan of Salvation she understood that there is meaning and purpose. The Lord knows our heartache. He knows when we can't take anymore... and he knows what can fix us.

This week we went with a few sisters to do their visiting teaching. The message from the month  of February was the parable of the good shepherd. My favorite part of the message says this, "As we come to understand that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, our desire increases to follow His example and serve those in need. Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. ... And I lay down my life for the sheep." Because of Christs's Atonement, none of us will ever so so long that we cannot find our way home. President Monson said, "Ours is the responsibility to care for the flock. May we each step up to serve."
I know that this is true. I know that Christ is our Shepherd. I know that He loves the ninety and nine, as well as the one. I know that he knows where we all are, and will go to any length to have us come back to the flock, or to stay in His fold. I know that even though I have a tendency to lose things, that I can find everything with the help of Him. I know I will never be lost. I know the Lord loves each of you so much. You are not lost to him, and never will be.

My favorite part about this video is the length and the effort that the Shepherd goes to find His sheep. If you are feeling lost, just look around for Him... I testify he is coming to your aid. I know He is looking for you. 

I love you all! I love this mission! 
-Sister Beasley

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