Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Press On Enduring In The Ways Of Christ

This week I was texting an investigator about a time we could come by. I told him I’d talk with my people and let him know. When he asked me who my people were I realized I didn’t have a posse of people that I needed to run my scheduling past. I of course was trying my best to be funny, but I’ve been thinking about who “my people” are, and well, it’s all of you… I love you all so much and I am so grateful that you are a part of my life. So with that said I’d like to start this by addressing it to:
My People,

First of all.. I want you to write me! I only have two and a half months left… so the time has come to send your girl some love! If you do write me, DO NOT WRITE ME AT THE MISSION OFFICE, instead write me at this address:
3305 Hutchinson Rd. Apt #12203
Cumming, Georgia 30040
Life is so great. This last week, it was great too. I have realized how much I love my mission and I think I realize that more and more as the time goes on. This experience out here in the fine state of Georgia with all these Southerners has blessed my life in so many different ways and I am grateful for every inch of it! Our investigators are doing so well. We had a really great lesson with Clarisa about baptism. When I asked her why she wanted to be baptized she looked at me, and as simple and profound as ever she said, “Because I need it.” That has stuck with me this whole week and how each of us NEED this Gospel, we need the blessings, we need the covenants, we need the Lord! Trevor is moving this week to go to school, and I know that whatever he NEEDS, the Lord will provide him with as he goes to College! We sure are going to miss him though, it’s pretty incredible how much you come to love people! 
The majority of our week was full of tracting. The weather has been so bizarre here yet rain or shine we are out knocking on those doors! Now when I say rain, I mean STORMS! This weekend we had a really awkward amount of time and decided to tract a neighboring apartment complex, on our way back it started to not only storm but thunder and lighting. We said a prayer and ran back to our apartment with the hopes that we would be protected! Sure enough, we were. I am so grateful for prayer, wether it’s a prayer in our heart, a prayer said at a meal, or someone that allows us to bless their home as we are out and about.. I am just grateful to be able to talk to God! Speaking of talking to God, I testify that he speaks to us. Yesterday at church I had the best day of my life, and he was answering all my prayers through the things that were talked about in the 3 hour service! No wonder as missionaries we have such a strong desire to get people to come with us to our “worship service”!
So the youth speaker was a boy in the ward and we are really close to his family. He spoke on the Plan of Salvation and that is always one of my favorite things to talk about. He said that it is a “perfect plan” and if that isn’t the truest thing ever I don’t know what is! While teaching the Plan of Salvation out here I always love when we get to the part that’s about “our life on Earth”. I love making sure people realize how small it is in the grand scheme of things… but at the same time… how important it is. I know that our time here on Earth, with all the good and bad that comes along with it, can be a part of this perfect plan as long as we stay close to the Lord! His talk lead in perfectly to the next guy, who was from the high council and it was the most powerful talk about how the happiness we chose in this life depends on what kind of misery we are willing to live with. He talked about Obedience as well, and how obedient people are good at avoiding temptation, not resisting it! He then made the comment about the ripple effect and how the choices we make to be obedient and the choice between happiness and misery crate expanding ripples that determine our eternal progression! It was so great.  As we went into this Sacrament meeting I was feeling just a little overwhelmed and defeated, after these talks, I realized that the Lord is there for me and right here with me every step of the way! We sang hymn 81 and these words sunk deep into my heart as we sang it… “Press on, enduring in the ways of Christ. His love proclaim through days of Mortal Strife. “Thus saith our God, ye have eternal life! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” Hallelujah is right! As we struggle and then continue on in Christ, we will be rewarded! Life wasn't supposed to be easy, but with the help of our Savior, we can do anything and be happy about it! Next I went to Sunday school and it was all about missionary work! It lite a fire under me to share what I love even more than before! The teacher asked why do we do missionary work? And I realized the reason I do missionary work is because I love the Lord, I love His teachings, and I love my brothers and sisters. The last class we went to was young womens. The presidency was switched around and so we went in for the young women’s presidents final address to the girls. Her lesson was on “What is your vision for youself?” She talked about avoiding situations where you are picnicking in enemy territory as well as doing all you can to go to the temple. My heart was so full of so many feelings during it, but mostly gratitude and amazement because I realized that I am on the path that I have always dreamed of and that is the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father. I know that the reason I am on this path is because of my Savior and I know that he is with me every step of the way on this journey. I know that with Him, I can make it through anything!
Also.. a shout out to my sweet family. I am so blessed to have such an amazing Father, mother, and 3 siblings. The strength of our little army is the greatest blessing to me! I couldn't love you people more.
I love you all so much! Allow the Lord to speak to you and help you on your journey! I know He loves you! I love you! Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. I feel it daily.
-Sister Beasley

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