Monday, September 29, 2014

Things Are Going And In A Good Direction...

Hey Y'all!!!! <---- said with a SUPER thick southern belle accent! (Yes I've been working on mastering that for the past 17 months!)
This week was great! Between getting in with some promising part member familes, bearing testimony of Gods love, tracting with a member, doing role plays with active families, tracting A TON, going to the womens broadcast, seeing a lot of our investigators, playing Bingo at the old folks home, avoiding TWO scary dog attacks, watching meet the mormons, praying, laughing as we work, enjoying the cooler weather, teaching new friends, eating fried chicken, facing opposition,  and learning a few important life lessons, it's more than safe to say that things are going! And in a good direction.
I feel like I could expand on just about anything that happened this week, but I'm more going to focus on some things that were extra fantastic....
So, "Meet the Mormons", ya heard of it? Well this week I got to see it! They gathered our zone together and showed it to us at the stake center. Of course we as missionaries are pumped because we actuallly get to watch a movie and take a moment to relax..... but what I didn't realize was how powerful the film was going to be and how much it impacted my testimony! It is SO worth seeing, no matter who you! It is funny, emotional, inspiring, and just down-right sweet. it shows a few very different latter-day saints around the world and how they live their faith and focus their lives on our Savior! It wasn't until after it was over, and all the missionaries sat there for a moment of silence, that we realied how strong the Spirit was, yet in a very subtle way! We had a testimony meeting and something that I realized was how grateful I am for the Gospel and how this is going to be something that will not only bless my life now, but forever! No matter where life takes me! Anyway, I highly encourage all yall to get to the theaters and see it!! Take a friend or 2 with you!
Our investiators are solid. What a blessing it is that that's all I can come up with to say to update you!!
There was a day this week that I wasn't feeling so great, I had a headache all day and just felt sick! Not only physicallly, but emotionally as well. I was just drained. I had no desire to work hard towards the end of the night and would have done anything to just stay in bed... but we went out anyway. Five minutes into tracting I realized I couldn't continue on like this, and I remembered that in an email I recieved from Zach last week... he said when he was having a hard time he said a prayer to find people to teach. I followed his example and said a prayer as we walked up to the next house.... that night we found 3 solid people to go back and teach for this coming week! It was amazing to see that the Lord, when I asked, provided.
As mentioned earlier, me and my companion were almost attacked by 2 VERY scary dogs this week.... on two seperate occasions! I have never had that happen to me before, but I know the Lord was watching over us and protected us.
One of my favorite families in the world came to see me and take us for lunch this week! I had such a wonderful time with them talking about life and getting caught up. It was exactly what I needed and I am thankful for the Dustin family!!!
We had some crazy opposition last night! We took a recentlly returned sister missionary out with us tracting. NEVER in my mission had I experienced so much rudeness from people, so much rejection, and so many harsh words against our church! The advesarry obsiously doesn't want success to come to the work, especially when members and missonaries are involved together.... but I know that the opposition can be good... and can encourage us to keep going!
The Womens Broadcast Saturday was so great! What did I take from it? GET TO THE TEMPLE!!! That is where we want to be, and where the Lord wants us to be! I am so excited for Conference and to hear more inspired words from the leaders of the church! We need the council, and to take it to heart! I have made my list of quesions, and can't wait to see what is answered! I hope you all do the same!!!
Well, I'll close with this...
This week I learned about the power of forgiveness, and the strength and peace that comes from simply saying "I'm sorry". As humans, we all fall short, that's just how it is, but we have the choice to rise above and make right what is wrong. If there is someone you need to make peace with, do it. It is the most incredible feeling to realize that frustration, anger, irritation, stress, and heartache can all be swept away as we pray for the Lord to soften our heart and their heart, appologize, let it go, and allow the atonement to do it's job!
I love you all!
-Sister Beasley

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