Monday, April 15, 2013

So long! Farewell!

I can't quite believe that it is here. I report to the MTC in TWO DAYS! I have never been more excited and more nervous for something in my entire life. I am so grateful for the last couple of weeks, for being able to quit my job early and spend time with family (spring break in California) and then being able to help my mom prepare for the Farewell. Yesterday I spoke in Sacrament Meeting and then we had our open house. It was so wonderful to see so many people that I love; the support from each and everyone of you is unbelievable. I know that it is hard to say goodbye but the good news is that I will be back before you know it. 18 months is going to be so fast and I am so excited to see where each of you are at in your lives in that amount of time. 
Once again, Thank you! Love you! Thank you! - I couldn't do any of this without "my people".

Sister Beasley

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  1. Sister Beasley! I saw the link to this blog on facebook and had to pop over to wish you all the blessings of awesomeness as you embark on your mission tomorrow! (Wow, I just made up the phrase "blessings of awesomeness"....I like it). You will have the experience of a lifetime. Put yourself 100% into His hands and have faith to see miracles. They come at a price, and paying that price will help you to know your Savior like never before. Come what may, and love it. Love to you Miss Kate!