Friday, May 24, 2013

Sending My Love From The South!

Hello! Sorry that we have had not had an update and that this is the first post. For some reason, beyond my missionary understanding, I thought I was able to do my blog updates myself but now they are here to stay. I just have to quickly report on just how very much I LOVED THE MTC. It was so incredible and I felt lke I was being spiritually lifted, prepared, and comforted by the things that I learned. I was excited to head to Georgia but felt as though I was getting the short end of the stick by not being there for the full three weeks. Oh well, haha.
So now I am here in Georgia! Holy cow. I love it. It is so green and there are so many different people here. (Example, on the main road where all the businesses are found there are more signs with korean characters on it than english letters.) I am serving in the Johns Creek ward and I live in Duluth. It is gorgeous and the people are so kind. My trainer warned me that the hardest thing about this place is the people... not because they are bad or mean but because they "steal your heart". Mine is gone and I am wondering if I will ever get it back! The hopspitality and faith of the people in this great state gives me so much determination to be a better missionary everday. I love not only the people we are trying to find and teach, but also those in the ward. Heavenly Father has some pretty amazing children.
So a little bit about my first area here. We are "white-washing" it, which means we are setting it up I guess? Who knows. I'm still trying to get used to the misson language (everyone keeps calling me greenie? What the?) In Johns Creek there have never been Sister Missionaries before so we got to our half furnished apartment on the first day and had no one to go visit, no one set up to teach, no one to baptize, no idea who most of the ward members were.... NOTHING.  In every way thus far it has been an absolute adventure; good and bad! But I love it! There are only hard moments in days...hard days don't really exist because even in the toughest times you always know that Heavely Father loves you and that Jesus Christ knows what you are going through.
My trainer is Sister Hamilton. She is darling and fun but hardworking and obedient.. she is from California and went to school at BYU-I. She has only been out 3 months. Crazy, I know --- that just goes to show how awesome of a missionary she is. I am so blessed to have her and know that the success we are having in the area is due to to Lord and her. Speaking of success, we are seeing small bits of it. We talk to a lot of people and testify as much as we can about the restored gospel! We have also started to teach someone; Bobby, and will see him for the second time in this upcoming week - we are hoping to commit him to baptism! We have met a few others here and there and have a lot of potential investigators; time, prayer and faith will tell what is going to happen with them.
Here is my funny story for the week. It involves public transportation. Any time you bring that up you know things are about to get real. So me & Sister Hamilton were having this awesome day...we were connecting with quite a few people and had placed 3 Books Of Mormon. We decided to take a break, well kinda, (just get off our bikes) and stop by a bus stop and talk to those waiting. A man walked up to us and introduced himself as Lee Peterson. He then spelled it.. L-E-E---P-E-T-E-R-S-O-N. He complimented our shoes and asked for money, we didn't have any but we tried to tell him that we do have a message of Jesus Christ that is worth way more than any amount of cash. We couldn't even get through half of what were trying to say before he started to repeat himself and gave us a smiliar introduction for the second time. But before he could finish, he interupted himself and started again for the third time... this happened a time or two again. (He was like 10 second Tom from 50 first dates!) Who knows if Lee Peterson will ever be in a state to understand the gospel... but I do know that I will never forget his name. Or how to spell it. Or how pretty he thought my shoes were.
I wish I could write EVERYTHING but this is all for now. I want ya'll to know that I am so happy and blessed and that this work is so sweet. I am so grateful for the restored gospel and for my understanding of the love that God the Father and His son, and our Savior, Jesus Christ have for each of us. Have a good week and write me! I can spend as much time as I want e-mailing and i can now email EVERYONE! So... just drop me a quick hello. I love you people. I pray for you all everday. Godspeed.
-Sister Beasley

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