Friday, May 24, 2013

Georgia Is Just Peachy

Hello everyone! Everything here in Georgia is just peachy, I don't have a ton of time to update you on the small details of my life as a missionary but here are some cool things that happened this week!!
We are teaching a man named Bobby. He wants to be baptized but we have not given him a date yet. Last week we realized that we need to find a ward member to go with us and teach, it is highly recommended but makes me REALLY nervous- I mean we are trained on what we need to say but if we add in some dude who knows what he will say!! We decided to bring Brother Mack...for some reason we just kept getting the idea that we need to take him to teach. As we brought him in he exclaimed, "MR. FREEMAN?" -Booby Freeman and Brother Mack new each other, their sons had played football together! It was amazing!! We taught an amazing lesson and Bobby said that he wanted to go to church! (in the mission getting someone to go to church is bigger than committing them to baptism, haha)
I kept thinking what a small world, but in all reality it had nothing to do with the size of the Earth and everything with putting the Lords children together when they need it and for a specific reason. We were taken away by the spirit and felt so blessed to witness that small miracle!! We then had an hour to knock doors before dinner, we drove to a neighborhood and Sister Hamilton and I looked at each other and said,,. "well, which way?" We both pointed to the same way and started walking. The first house we came upon had two men around the age of 25... there names were Sy and Aaron and they seemed pretty interested and excitedly took a BOM and listened to a small lesson and told them that we could teach more.We got their information and took off--- It was time for dinner and we headed out. After dinner we went to an apartment complex right by our own and had a few hopes of getting in with a few families to teach a little bit more but our plan fell through so we decided to go to another person we had met named Marvin. On our way I had the thought that we needed to go a different way and stop in with a woman that we met our first night in Johns Creed named Lil (a lady who was studying to become a pastor). Before we got to her apartment we met a lady from Haiti and her 18 month old son named Sandra and she was very interested! (We taught her again later on this week, more details about that in next weeks letter.) Anyway, after we talked with her we stopped by Lil's and chatted with her, we could tell that there were things going on in her life that were weighing her down and causing her to suffer. We shared a few scriptures and she told us that she was grateful for us and looked forward to receiving an answer of weather or not she should read the BOM. We talked with her for about 30 minutes and then her family came out and they were headed somewhere. She mentioned to us that her nephew was living with them but we didn't really think anything of it until he walked out the door -- IT WAS SY! THE YOUNG MAN WE HAD MET THAT DAY IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AREA OF DULUTH. Still think the world is small? Yeah me neither; the Lord is working miracles all over the place. Two in one day?! That has to be a record right ... all of this happened Tuesday but just wait for what happened Wednesday.
 After exchanges (so at this point I was with Sister Merback not Sister Hamilton) we were heading back to study for the remainder of the evening but I had a thought that we need to go to an apartment complex that I had never been to; I followed the prompting and met with some very strange people. (a Muslim man who wanted to feed us and 2 people smoking weed, they were higher than kites! nice!) We were about to leave and I was just like, let's do this last section of this building. The first door we knocked on in that last section allowed us to come in and join their bible study! As a missionary you know you've struck gold when this happens because you have found people who already love the word of god! We walked and I couldn't believe my eyes... I saw Diana. So once again, this was all happening Wednesday evening.. but on Tuesday evening, right before we met Sandra and talked with Lil, I talked to Diana in passing -- she has blonde hair and is black and had a dog. She didnt' seem very interested at all and thought were were JW's (Jehovah's witnesses) and was surprised when she found out who we were. She carried on though, and I, out of nowhere, told her that I hoped that we would meet again..she said she hoped too. I then said to her, "If the Lords Willing" (which is something that Bobby says) --- well the Lord was more than willing because the next evening there I was in a bible study looking at her! NEED A REMIND YOU THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED. She was amazed. We all were.. and we all found it a blessing because the women collectively had been talking about us! The one leading the study, Gloria, had met the sisters in the area next to us. It was amazing and they shared a few passages about the love of God--- it was nice. They then spoke in tongues.. that was weird. Haha. They invited us to a "bible social" later that week and we told them we would come... we scurried to our next appointment. I found myself in tears at the end of Wednesday night, SO grateful for the blessings that the Lord was pouring on me.
 So we met with the Bible ladies again and anther set of Sister Missionaries was there. We listened to what they shared and all of us just felt SO much love for them. We talked about the blessing that the Lord had placed us together and we then shared a little bit more about our religion and beliefs. By the end of the night and as we headed home for the evening.. EVERY SISTER THERE HAD A BOM IN THEIR HAND. Diana was especially grateful and knew that this was not by "chance" that we had met. I'll keep you posted on what happens there.
 The bottom line is I am seeing miracles. I am also having days where I feel like I am in a fog... but everyday is good. I love this work. I can't believe that I have been out for a month! It's crazy that I am 1/18 of the way into the work but what is even weirder is that in a few weeks I'll be 1/9 of the way into the work! They say that the weeks go by faster than the days; I can agree with that but every night I find myself confused at how the day is already gone? Time in general is flying. I am so busy and too engaged to even think about time.
I miss you all and hope that life is good! I would love to hear from you, and to find out what is going on in each of your splendid lives! I hope ya'll know that I am happy and loving life as a missionary. This gospel is amazing and I testify that testifying of it strengthens not only those around you but youself as well!
-Sister Beasley

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