Monday, July 1, 2013

A Great Way To End June

My dearest family and friends,
Hello! I hope y'all had an amazing week! And happy 4th of July! Can you believe it's July already? Where did June go? I just told the other missionaries that I serve around that being away from the Kamas Valley on the 4th is probably harder than being away any other time of the year. I love this time to celabrate our wonderful country and being able to spend time with family but I am excited to be somewhere new and see how these southerners do it! Be safe and enjoy all the festivities without me. I have no clue what my plans are but somehow I think I will be sharing the gospel. :) I might go for the approach of... "Do you know why this Country was established... Religious Freedom, you're right! Do you know why that is so important? Well.. I can tell you, because if we didn't have Religios Freedom the Lord wouldn't have been able to Restore HIS Church to the Earth!" - Ok, so that's probably a little bold. I'll tell you how it goes later on. 
So... We had a pretty amazing week here in Johns Creek and so I'm just going to highlight some of the major points
-There was a baptism! Rock and Coco, the Elders investigators, were baptized! Sister Hamilton and I have been teaching Coco english and have developed a really great relationship with them as well. We got special permission and were able to attend the baptism. We said the opening and closing prayers. The whole day was so special and they just looked so beautiful dressed in white! My favorite part of the day was after they were baptized, we came back and a sister in our ward from Taiwan gave a talk on the Holy Ghost in Chinese. I didn't understand a word of it and yet the spirit was so strong. It was incredible and other than the Baptism itself, was the highlight! The next day when they were confirmed in Sacrament meeting Coco was confirmed in Chinese and Rock was confirmed in English. It was so sweet! I am so happy for them and that they will be able to experience ultimate happiness through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
-Our amazing Investigator Zelma came to the Baptism AND to Church! This was the first time as a missionary I had someone I was teaching at Church. It is hard to get people to come! She loved it and is progressing so quickly. The ward has been incredible and taking her in and making her feel welcome! The whole day she kept smiling and saying how much she loved what was bein taught. Hopefully soon she will want to be baptized! Caitlin, however, did not come to Church but she is still progressing and reading the Book of Mormon. 
-I had my first interview with President Wolfert! (Well, besides the one when I first got there!) Even though missionary work is tough and I have definatly had my ups and downs out here he told me that where I am now compared to where I was 2 months ago is a very obvious difference and that there is a glow about me. He said that he has never seen a missionary adjust so quickly. As much as I'd love to take that one as a compliment, I can't. I am relying fully upon the Lord and trying my VERY best to be dilligent and obedient. If I didn't have the Spirit with me there is no way I could keep going. This work is tough, but worth it.
Those are the main highlights of my week. I miss you all and I am praying for you! Please keep me in your prayers as well.. but more importantly pray for those I am teaching/ going to teach. Life is tough, but without the light of Jesus Christ it is much, much more tough. I can't imagine my existence without the truth of the Restored Gospel. 
Have an awesome week! Be safe! Write a Sista!
-Sister Beasley

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