Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th, Happy Sister!

Well, hello there! First of all I must say thank you for all the emails I got. Unfortunately, my email was been acting up and I cant get it to reply so sorry for all those who did not get a response. Please know that I NEEDED all the love that you sent me and I will do my best to respond next week. I hope y'all had an excellent 4th and enjoyed time spent doing things that missionaries can't do - like playing with fireworks and swimming. I did my best to enjoy the downpour of rain we have been getting and spent some time with some wonderful members. I feel more patriotic as a missionary because I know that this country was founded so that I could do exactly what I am doing as a missionary... and that is share with people the goodness of God and let them exercise their agency to accept the Lords message.
This week we found no one new to teach! It has been a trial and really pushed my faith, but I have tried my best to continue on.  Probably one of the biggest tender mercies came to me yesterday... we were out harvesting (saying prayers with people) and no one would even open the door; let alone say a prayer with us. Towards the end of a whole row of town homes we came to home and this amazingly nice man let us in to say a prayer. After the prayer concluded he asked if he could say a prayer for us. In this prayer he told Heavenly Father to make sure that we know that what we are doing has great purpose and that it is not being done in vain; that we are touching peoples hearts even if they do not open the door for us! It was so cool; there we were, in a complete strangers home, praying for one another. He didn't have a desire to get baptized or to even listen to our message but that 10 minutes with him was an answer to a prayer that I didn't even realize I had been saying in my heart. The Lord works in amazing ways!
The people we are teaching are progressing and doing well! Zelma enjoyed her first "ward 4th of july" breakfast and is continuing to read the Book of Mormon. We hope that she will have the desire to be baptized soon! The lessons we have with her are great! Sure, we dont always know exactly what to say at every moment but the Spirit is there and we all leave uplifted! Even though I am the Missionary and I am supposed to be the one teaching, I am realizing as I teach I am learning so much. Hopefully Zelma is too, as well as the others. 
This week was a little bit tough and I have struggled with some things here and there. I know though, that through the Grace of God everything is taken care of- all I have to do is my absolute best and he will be there to make me whole. I hope that as each of us go through our lives we are not only relying on that Grace, but being changed by it as well.   
I love you all!
-Sister Beasley

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