Monday, August 19, 2013

Miss You. Love You. Mean It.

Hello, hello- it's been a great week and there are so many little things to share and express... so off we go. This last week Sister Kelly and I realized that we wanted to really step things up and go the extra mile. We prayed at the beginning of the week to be able to have more meaningful experiences and opportunities to find and teach good people! Sometimes you forget that you just have to ask the Lord, then he'll provide. But, there is also something to say about being willing to do EXACTLY what he wants you to do, because we know that it is not until after the trial of our faith that the Lord shows the miracles! Well... we saw so many little things that were evidences of that! On Monday evening we were able to talk to this amazing girl named Yucemi (pronounced "you see me") and she is so solid! She is 18 and told us that she wants to be baptized! We were able to go back and visit her and teach her more and she was so excited. She was not able to come to church, but still, even the fact that we found another person who knows that this is something she wants in her life so great! We will keep visiting with her and teaching her! The Lord truly is preparing people left and right and it is awesome to be apart of the great work everyday. 
Another miracle was meeting a lady named Alisha. We were in a really expensive neighborhood and most missionaries know that means it can be hard to find success. We decided to give it a try anyway. We knocked on Alisha's door and she allowed us to come in, as it turns out she and her husband have a traveling church play and talk to people all over the United States! While we were there she sang us "Amazing Grace" it was so powerful! This week we will go back and help her with some yard work as well as talk about "the good word" - I love these people so much, and love that they are willing to talk about the Savior so often. 

This week marked Sister Kelly's one month in the mission field and we had to go to the mission office for a big meeting with everyone that came out with her and their trainers. While we were in the meeting we realized that a big part of what President was talking about and telling us we needed to work on was being united and loving your companion.... this made us both realize what a blessing it is so be in a united companionship who gets along. This work is so tough, but the fact that you have someone by your side at all times to help you makes it easier! Because of this experience, it shouldn't have surprised us when we were called to teach relief society on the lesson "That We May Become One". Neither of us have ever taught relief society and it was such a good experience to be able to teach on such an important topic! Being united in all ways is what the Lord wants from us. If we are not united... nothing can progress. While we are on Earth we have the chance to unite ourselves to our Heavenly Father by following the example of Jesus Christ, being obedient, and relying on the gift of the Holy Ghost. We also have the chance to be united as a people... in order to be our happiest we have to help one another, which includes our families, friends and strangers. It was such a good reminder to think about the commandment that the Lord has given each of us to love one another. I know that as a missionary I am experiencing love way more than ever before! I know that no matter who we are, we need to be united and do what the Lord asks.
I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week! Thank you for the emails and prayers.

Miss you. Love you. Mean it. :)

-Sister Beasley

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