Monday, August 26, 2013

Eight Days A Week

Hello! Last night Sister Kelly and I were at a dinner appointment with a really awesome family in our ward. The Dad was talking about his mission and telling strories of past companions and neat experiences. At the end of the conversation he said to us, "what do you have to offer the Lord?" ... we kinda sat there for a second and thought. As much as I know that I am a divine daughter of God who loves and wants me to return back to him, I also know that I don't have a ton to offer; but I do have one thing, and that is my time.
This was one of the longest weeks of my mission. Each morning I woke up tired, even after 8 hours of sleep. As we knocked doors and made our way from house to house I found myself wondering, "how am going to make it through this!?" Last night, as our week was winding down, and I was asked that question I realized that it is a blessing to be exhausted, it is a miracle to rely on the Lord for your strength. Every day this past week something great happened... and I have realized that as I give my time to the Lord, my life is blessed and my testimony is strengthened. Isn't it amazing, that if we think of our lives and do it "the Lords way, in the Lords time" how much more we are able to get from each day? So... with a week under my belt that felt like a month, I must share the daily miracles I saw.

Monday. P-day. P-day, well as a missionary I have found that I have a love/hate relationship with em'! It is so wonderful to be able to talk to email home, but then after that, when I am left to think of myself, I find that I am completely unhappy and can't wait for Tuesday to arrive. This last monday was different. Monday was the only day we were able to get in with a sister in our ward who has cancer and only has a few weeks to live. As we were in her home the Spirit was so strong, and the reason for it was because the veil was thin. As we sat there and listened to her testimony on the plan of salvation, all of the sisters we were with couldn't stop crying, but they were tears of joy! There sat this sweet daughter of God, dressed in a bright yellow top, "ready to move on to the next part of the plan". We shared the words to the hymn, "the Lord is my light" and I could barely make it through as my voice cracked and tears streamed down my cheeks... "The Lord is my light! - Then why should I fear?" Because we have the Lord we don't have any reason to be afraid. In fact, we have reason to be happy, just like this Sister was.

On Tuesday we were prompted to go to the home of a former investigator who flaked out time and time again; it was later in the evening and to our surprise he was there! We taught a condensed verson of the Restoration, and unfortunatly, at the end of the lesson he told us he is moving to Florida this next week! But, he said, "good thing this church is worldwide!" I know that we may not be the ones to help Luis in his spiritual journey.. but I know that there was a reason we were told to go to his house that night.

Wednesday rolled around and we had an awesome referal to contact! We made our way to the other end of the ward and knocked on the door of who we thought was Ashely, on the other side of the door was a young man who was not Ashley, and informed us that Ashely didn't live there. As we were about to wish him a good day and make our way to find Ashley, we realized we had a chance to pray with him and teach him! We said a prayer and afterward he said he wanted to learn more! We still haven't found Ashley, but we were lead to Aaron! It is hard to get in touch with Aaron due to a busy work and school schedule, but I know that he was who we needed to find that day, and not Ashley!

On Thursday we were blessed to have Zone Conference. We were able to meet together as a large group of missionaries and be spiritually fed. The messages that were shared were exactly what I needed to hear in order to help me... but, as we practiced with other missionaries, I realized even more that I recieved information that would help one of our investigators!

On Friday we met with our Investigator Morgan, who I had been thinking about so much on Thursday! We got into the lesson and found out she had read the Book of Mormon... AND went to Seminary! As we talked with her we saw so much progression and excitement in her, and when we asked if she had been praying she says that she knows this is all true. Morgan has faced some challenges with her step-father not loving the idea of her being in church, but she even said that this is what she knows she needs to do! Morgans father and step-mom are members and have been so awesome in helping us teach her the Gospel.. but as we taught Morgan on Friday The Plan of Salvation, we realized she is teaching us! She already knows what she needs to do! While we were there she said that she wants to be able to go to the temple with her Dad and do baptisms for the dead! I have realized how closely the temple, families, and the plan of Salvation are related! What a blessing it will one day be to hopefully see Morgan sealed to her Father and step-mom and what a blessing it is to teach Heavenly Fathers children!

Saturday was rough..and by rough.. I mean ROUGH. By this time every week you are warn down and in need of a good Sunday and P-day. Every plan we had fell through and no one ended up being home. Sister Kelly and I have been trying hard to push ourselves, even in the "11th hour" --- so when 8 o'clock rolled around, and we wanted to lay in the grass and pass out, we decided to carry on. (Plus, the only thing creepier that 2 girls knocking on your day is 2 girls laying in your yard!) We knocked on a door and no one came. After a second knock a young 16 year old girl came to the door and said she would pray with us. After the prayer was over she started to cry and hugged both of us and told us that no one had ever prayed for her. She said that she has been going to church alone and that her family really needs something in their lives, she then said that she would love to have us come back and teach her more. On Saturday we knocked doors all day, of course the only person who is recpetive to our message would be the very last person we talked to!

On Sunday we had Stake Conference and my favorite talk was about gaining a testimony. A testimony is the greatest thing we have as Gods children, and no one can take it away from us. It is something we continue to develop as long as we live. How do we gain a testimony? ... We give our time to the Lord. When we sacrifice the only thing we have to offer... we are strengthened and our time and testimonies becomes so much more meaningful.

As much as I am Sister Beasley... the "Kate" in me sneaks out every single day and I am not ashamed to say that there are things that I miss. One of the things I miss most is music. I try to fill my head with gospel songs, but sometimes a few country and pop songs will cross my mind... and of course, the Beatles. This week, a very appropriate song is in my mind. "Eight days a week". I have found, that even as exhausted and tired as I am, I love giving ALL my time to the Lord. I know that missons are a sacrifice.. but I also know that I have never been this happy.

 If I could, I would give the Lord eight of my days each week. Until that is possible, I suppose seven will have to do. :)
I need the Lords love... He knows, and I know that it's true. He holds me and hugs me... I ain't got nothing but love for Him, His work, His Children... 8 days a week.
This time is so precous.

I love you all.
Make it a priority to set apart some of your time for the Lord. I promise you'll see blessings.

-Sister Beasley

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