Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Play Hard, Work Harder

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! The Library was closed so we were not able to write home, and even as a missionary I always seem to be "a day late and a dollar short"! But, I guess its good to keep ya guessing! How was your holiday weekend?! Send me a letter, maybe even pictures with some of you activities! I miss all of you and want to know whats going on in your crazy wonderful lives. 
So when I made a choice, many years ago, to serve a mission I knew that it would be hard work... I knew that there would be challenging days and even weeks, I knew that I would experience heart ache and homesickness, I knew that I would be tested. But, did I ever realized how fun it would be? Did I ever realize how much joy it would bring to my heart to meet new people everday? Did I expect to love the different ward members like my family? Did I know that my companion would become not only a sister, but a friend? Did I even give thought to the simple fact that with the opposition comes the greatest happiness? If I didn't then, I do now.
This week was hard work and it was fun. Today an Elder who will be going home tomorrow gave our District some advice and the first thing he said was to have fun. Now... missionary work is work of course, they don't call it missionary fun for a reason, but I am seeing that the two can be the same thing. So what made this week so fun? ... The work of course.
Morgan is continuing to progress and is attending seminary almost every day! When we met with her this week she told us that she had a feeling she needed to invite one of her friends to seminary who isn't a member! It's pretty awesome when your investigator is being a missionary!!! 
This week we met a lady named Lynn who is a friend to one of our members. We were able to arrange a time to meet her! We went into her home and were able to do a service project and help her prepare to paint her kitchen... she also opened up to us about her life and about some challenges she has faced, she is now looking for answers to help give her life a little more meaning. The hour or two that we spent with her was such a gift! At the end of the service and simple lesson we said a kneeling prayer all together and the spirit was so strong! I am excited to see what happens when we visit her again this week!
The last story I want to share is a funny.... and well, if for five seconds you thought that my humor has left me, you are wrong! We stopped by a potential investigator who was outside of his apartment complex when we went to knock on his door! We were inviting him to church and wanted to see if we could bless his home with a prayer, but becasue his entire family was outside they asked us to just pray with them right there. I was about to start the prayer when a huge group a teenage boys ran over and asked if they could join us! So.. there we were ... in the middle of an apartment complex praying with about 12 people! In the south you dont' have to wait until the end to hear "amen" - instead you get a lot of "amens"... "mmhmm's".... and "praise the Lords" right in the middle! Well, one of the boys started laughing durring the prayer... and then a few others started laughing... me & Sister Kelly tried to keep it together, but you know when you get the giggles? Not the best timing. Haha! By the end we were ALL almost in tears. Even though this wasn't the best situation  - we do have a return appointment! Can I get a Hallalujah for that?! The Lord works in many ways I'm finding! 

I want you all to know that I am so happy and I am having fun every single day.  I hope the same for all of you! And if you haven't figured out that living the gospel is hard work AND fun, then re-evaluate and make sure you are getting both parts of it!

I love you!

-Sister Beasley

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