Monday, January 13, 2014

Greetings From Decula

Why Hello!

Sister Beasley here.... live from Decula, Georgia.
Yes, thats right..Decula - Pronounced "duhh - q - la"

Can I just say I am already in love? It is so amazing to me that you can go from place to place and love the people that live in your new area in a matter of days... Even though I have been told that this is the least pretty time of the year for Georgia, I think this place is gorgeous!

So a quick review of the week... saying goodbye to everyone in Fort Yargo was awful. I honestly hate goodbyes! Whether it was saying adios to the town, the ward members, the investigators, our apartment, and my companion- it was all just rough. My time spent in Winder and the surrounding towns had such an impact on the mission for me and I feel like the time went by so quickly because I had so much to learn and so many people to love! Of course one of the hardest parts was saying goodbye to Sister Chapman, but I know she will continue to do great work there! Quick funny story... on our last night at our apartment, as I was packing up all my stuff, we realize that our house is next to freezing. This has been one of the coldest weeks in Georgia History and President Wolfert even discouraged us from knocking doors one of the days! Anyway, back at the apartment, we look at the heat... FIFTY DEGREES! Our heater was broken! Long story short we had to be relocated for the night! It was a bummer to not be able to stay at our house the last night of our companionship, but then the next morning we went to finish packing my stuff and it was down to forty three, so we were pretty pleased we didn't stay!

Let me just say, even though I love this area and the ward... it has been quite a change for me! Every other time I've gone into a new area we were opening it to sisters and I was training a new missionary... so we were building from the ground up- and sometimes I felt like it was the blind leading the blind. This had it's challenges, but it was all I knew. So midway through the week, when I came here, and it's already an established ward with not only one.. but 2 sets of sisters (and one set of elders), and my companion wasn't fresh from the MTC... I realized how overwhelming it is, but also what a blessing. We are teaching some INCREDIBLE families and it's cool to see them progressing, even if I've only been here for but a moment.  Sister Kunz is my companion and I am learning a lot from her, she came to Georgia a transfer (6 weeks) before me!  She has been in this area for going on 5 months and said that the work has been on the slower end, up until recently, so that's good- like they say, "a happy missionary is a teaching missionary." - My comment to that would be, "true dat, bobcat!" We live in the basement apartment of some wonderful members and I love that! Even just being here for one Sunday I already feel so much love!

I want to touch on some experiences that have been awesome!

  • First of all, the Decula ward is an american sign language ward. I don't know why, but every time I see sign language I get so emotional! The only thing that makes me cry more would have to be songs done in sign language. As I was sitting at church yesterday, and we were singing the sacrament hymn, the Spirit was so strong while part of the congregation signed the song. I think I'm going to need to invest in some extra kleenex while I serve here! 

  • As missionaries, we invite people to be baptized... and give them a date to work towards to be baptized. It's pretty neat when someone you are working with, who is absolutely HILARIOUS, assigns himself a date before we can ask him to pray about a time that would work best for him! We've only taught him once so far.. but I love him and his wife! And I know that part of the reason I am in this area is to learn from them and hopefully help them in some way or another! 

  • Last but not least, I want to include just how amazing testimonies are. I've been on a testimony kick! And I am grateful to have been able to share mine formally twice in the past week. Of course everyday I share my testimony, but at zone meeting they gave us some time to share.. and I felt a strong impression that I needed to share mine. Then again at church our Bishop called up all the new missionaries in the ward and asked us to share what we believe. I may have already mentioned this whole thing about testimonies in weeks past, but I just can't even begin to express how grateful I am for mine. More than that though, to be able to help others with theirs. 

I love my Savior so much. I have felt him carry me this week as I am adjusting to everything and making a few changes, he has been right by my side to help me along and comfort me. I love my relationship with Him and with my Heavenly Father as well. I have a family here in Georgia, I have a family back in Utah, and I have a Heavenly Family with me, wherever I go.

The only thing I love as much as each of you... is this work! It is blessing my life in more ways than one.

-Sister Beasley

So we showed this video a few times this week...
I would encourage each of you to watch it! The coolest coincidence was that I watched it for the first time on my Dad's birthday. I love him so much. As I watched it I realized what a blessing families are... that we are blessed enough to experience the Divine, on a smaller level, right here on Earth. I am so grateful for good parents. I love my Dad and Mom both so much. Just thought I'd throw that thought in this week for everyone. :)

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