Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey Y'all, Happy 2014

"I haven't seen you since last year! Haha!"
Dumb I know, but I love that joke.

I hate to start off by talking about the weather, but that's necessary. IT IS SO COLD. I thought everyone was lying when they would say that the wet cold feels colder than the dry cold, well, that's the truth. The only way I can describe it is bitter- not just bitter cold, but bitter freezing. The great news? It was a pretty sweet week- so that cancels out a lot of the bitter. :)
So transfers are this week, and all of last week was spent praying that me and Sister Chapman would stay together at least another transfer. We have great things going here and feel like the Lord has blessed us in so many different ways! Of course, Sister Chapman is too amazing and was called to train a new sister fresh from the MTC. There was no surprise there, but it still was a big bummer to realize the dynamic duo won't be together forever! I have been so blessed with all of my companions, and every time a transfer comes it's like a little girl in elementary school having her best friend move away! Sister Chapman is going to do awesome! And I am so glad that she gets to spend another three months here in Zion! Of course, that means that I will be leaving, which is  heart breaking. I have loved this area so much and loved all the people who have blessed my life in so many ways. I've said it before, I'll say it again, thank goodness families are forever! As for me, I am heading to Dacula! And get this.... the Lord has a thing or two for me to learn because he has called me to be a Sister Training Leader. Yikes. Please pray for me! Haha!
It is amazing to see how much the Lord's hand is in this work! We have been finding new people and teaching them and their families. We are continuing to work with those we have been working with, and their progression is unreal! The miracle of the week for me took place on two separate occasions but the same thing happened both times, and that was us showing up at peoples homes when they needed us most! The first one was our investigator Trisha... we have seen her testimony grow and develop over the past few weeks, the Lord is so aware of her, but unfortunately so is Satan. In the midst of her journey she has had some heart breaking family drama. Me and Sister Chapman showed up right in the midst of it and she said "How is it that when I need you most, He sends you?" 
The other occasion was with a recent convert who was taught by the elders in the ward. She has been having some trials and one night we had a feeling to go by, when we knocked on the door she said, "Did the elders send you?" We said no... and asked her what was going on, she expressed some trails she too has faced and said that a lot of hard things have happened to her in her life. She asked us again if the elders had sent us over to check on her, and again, we assured her that it wasn't the elders, but the Lord. She then said, "Isn't He amazing?"
It is so neat to be able to see Him working in peoples lives! I am here to say there are no coincidences!
The progression of Abraham continues! What a story! What a man! What a miracle! Yesterday we witnessed him receive the Priesthood and receive another blessing. Good things are in store for him, and for all those who come in contact with him! His story is going to help so many! He loves testimony meeting but said he was a little too bashful to get up, so last night we had an appointment to see him with an incredible family in the ward and we decided to do our own little testimony meeting.  I am so grateful for my testimony, and for the testimonies of others! The Spirit was so strong, unlike anything I have felt! There are things that I will never forget that were talked about, not just good things, but sacred things that have strengthened my faith and knowledge. I know, without a doubt in my mind that this Gospel is true! My heart is so full of gratitude and love for the Lord sending his love through the people that I am surrounded by!
I love this work so much! I am so grateful for the new year that is ahead, and for the miracles and blessings that await! I have a long list of goals, some include reading the Book Of Mormon 4 times before October and ya know,  not eating 3 rolls at dinner!! Yikes, haha!  but, amongst all of my hopes... I just want to try a little harder to be a little better. That is a goal I know I can achieve! We have so much potential! Our lives are so blessed! We have lists of things to be grateful for and chances to help others and serve them. If we all did just a little more to reach out and help people, I know that people will feel the love of our Savior in a greater abundance.
Love you! So much it hurts -- "Hurts like Heaven"
-Sister Beasley

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