Monday, March 24, 2014

Hog Heaven

Hey Y'all!
^ I wish you could hear the southern accent I've got to go with this!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Gospel? Have I mentioned how much I love teaching others about it? Have I mentioned how great it is to be surrounded by my brothers and sisters every single day? As the saying goes, I am in "Hog-Heaven" which is fitting... because there is a nice neighborhood here called "Hamilton Mill" but before it was that, it was called "Hog Mountain". I like the Hog thing better, but whatever.
The number of part member families we are working with is growing week by week. This week we stopped by one to visit and share a little message... and we felt prompted to ask him to take the lessons. As we invited him, his wife who is a member said, "What they are trying to ask you is when are you going to get baptized so we can go to the temple and be together forever". Even though she was being funny and cute it made me realize that "eternity hangs in the balance! This really is salvation! It's not just a "Hey we'd like to teach you something" ... it's more of a "Hey! Look at what lies ahead for you! Look at how much our Heavenly Father loves you."

Sonya is still doing great and will be baptized this Saturday! As we taught her about tithing we asked why she thinks that is a commandment.... and her response was perfect, "well I think you have to give a little, to get a lot". She is so sweet and so great! You can see in her countenance that she is getting a lot of help and blessings from our Heavenly Father at this time in her life. It is so crazy to think that just 2 months ago or so we were knocking on her door!! Her journey has been amazing and good things are ahead for her!

Speaking of knocking...have I told all y'all that we are required to knock doors 2 hours everyday? Well we do. Sometimes its great.. sometimes its rough... and sometimes it's all of that combined! Me and Sister Winegar were out and about, "knocking dem doors" and no one was home.. and those that were home weren't interested. We came to a house and after ringing the door bell we heard someone yell "go away" - so we went away, well... to the next house. After about 2 houses we realized that the people who yelled at us came out and were sitting on their porch - and were staring us down. I started to panic a little because they seemed angry - but we just kept going... we got a few more houses down and then the craziest thing happened... they waved us down and said to come back. The whole time we were walking back I had a prayer in my heart that whatever was about to happen would be uplifting and positive for everyone. To our surprise, they were kind! And thought that we were selling things.. but then had a real desire to learn about what we were doing. They have Mormon friends in our ward and said they would love to go over to their house and have us come over to teach them more about it! It was a miracle!! New investigators.... and to think I thought it was going to be a brawl!! 

Honestly, I love it out here. I love the members, I love Georgia, I love the investigators, I love the hard work and I love the Gospel. My testimony has been strengthened more than I can ever say. My love for Heavenly Fathers children increases every day. I am happier and more tired than I have ever been!

God lives. He loves us. His Son, Jesus Christ is evidence of that. He is our Savior and Redeemer and is the only way back to our Father. It is through His Infinite Atonement that everything that is wrong in life can be made right. The Gospel and Church that Christ Himself established is back on the Earth today and is how we are able to feel the most peace in our lives... I love this knowledge.I don't know how many hogs will be in Heaven... but I know that those who come unto Christ and are perfected in him will be there! 

I love you all! 
-Sister Beasley

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