Monday, April 21, 2014

Because Of Him


This week was good. Here are some reasons why-

1. P-day always makes for a wonderful time mainly, because I get to talk to my family and hear from them but it's just nice to have a break.
2. We tracted in the windy weather... and were able to talk to so many kind people! We even have return appointments and hopefully new families to teach. We had a small miracle, we knocked on a door.. no one answered... later someone came out of the house and her dogs tried to attack us! We went up to her and started talking and as it turns out she used to meet with the Sisters all the time! She wants us to come back!

3. We got Frozen Yogurt again. Things are bad. Slash REALLY good.

4. More than once people asked us to leave their neighborhood.... but more than that, people were happy to see that 2 young girls would take time away from their busy lives to serve the Lord. It's pretty incredible how far kindness really does go.

5. This ward helps us do work! I am still so grateful for the willingness of people to help! I know that they aren't just doing it to do it... they truly do care about the people that we are working with! Before I could even invite Sonia to the Relief Society activity I found out that someone from the Ward already called and invited her and planned to pick her up! 

6. I continue to get birthday cards... turning another year older needs to come sooner, obviously!

7. You've gotta love exchanges! I went with a Sister I've known my whole mission! We worked hard, had fun, ate at a cute diner, and I finally painted a room for a service project on my mission! Finally some  home improvement, even if the chemicals  in the paint went to my head it was still worth it!

8. 12 down 6 to go. 1 year party. How-dat happen?

9. We had a referral and we were actually able to get in and teach her! She is loving the book of mormon and couldn't stop smiling after we told her about the first vision --- that doesn't always happen, so I went ahead and took up about 5 pages in my journal for that!

10. We had a sisters meeting. Nothing beats the power of 32 sisters all working out and talking about their feelings at 7:30 in the morning. 

11. While at dinner this week a member told me that when I walked up he said, "she needs to be the face of something" .. so when I told him I am studying communications he wasn't surprised. That felt good.

12. I went to my first birthday party on the mission! When 5 year old Sumner asked who he wanted at his birthday party.... he said the sister missionaries. Of course we were happy to stop by and hit a pinata a few times!

13. Our members take care of us. Not only do they support us in the work.. but they give us Easter baskets! Also.. thanks for all the Easter love from everyone else back at home!

14. If they EVER send me to a YSA ward I will die. I had to talk to someone my age this week and it came full circle just how awkward I've become. 

15. For the first time ever I went to a different church this past Sunday. It was an interesting experience... but I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for the Spirit and the power of the priesthood that is felt in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so grateful to spread the true gospel!

16. "His Hands" ... Have you heard it? It made my Easter Sunday!

17. One of our investigators is praying about a date! He is a huge Star Wars fan and so May 4th it is! May the Fourth be with you? / May the force be with you? Haha! I guess that is an invitation to be baptized, right? 

18. I've simply got good people around me. My companion and the other sisters in the ward are THE BEST!

So there you have it, my week has been wonderful. I not only can see the Light of Christ in everything.. But I can feel it. Goodness is everywhere, because of our Savior Jesus Christ. Among all the important happenings this week, the one that takes the cake is remembering the reason for Easter,our Resurrected Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of Him, ALL of us will live again.
If you haven't seen this video, do so now.

I testify that He lives. I am forever grateful for Him and for the hope that comes from having a knowledge and love for what He has done. Without Him I am nothing. Without the Atonement I am useless. I am so grateful to wear his name and to be apart of His church. Mosiah 16. Read it.. and weep!

I love you all!! Godbless and Godspeed!
-Sister Beasley

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