Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Was The Best. Anyone Else Not Surprised?

Hey Y'all!

Time is flying by. I can hardly believe this week came and went. It probably went so fast because it was General Conference. Ah, how I loved it. Before I get into the details of that.. here are the other neat things that happened this week---

So I'm staying here in Dacula. This is the first time EVER I'll be in an area longer than 3 months. I finally feel like I can unpack my bags and make myself comfortable. Just kidding. But have I hung up a few more pictures on the wall? Yes.  Have I mentioned how excited I am? Pretty ... pretty excited. I feel like there is a lot I still need to do here, and a lot of work strengthening the people we have been working with! 

So we emailed at a Library we have NEVER been to last week on P-day totally randomly... on our way out we ran into a past investigator who I didn't even recognize but she remembered us and asked when we could come over! We set a time for the following day and went and invited her to Conference. She said she would love to come and hear the words the prophets of God needed to say to her. It was amazing! She didn'y show up... dang it... but that's ok! All we can do is keep inviting, right? And get leashes so people have no other choice. Just kidding.  But seriously.

So everything is GREEN here. Pollen season is upon us. I've been sneezing and sniffling for the past week. Allergies anyone? WOOF!

We taught this old southern gent this week... We took a team-up with us who was was the best! She knows how southerners are and so she knew exactly what to say when he would fire hard questions at us and made him feel loved and accepted, even when he wasn't exactly that interested. On a happier note... he did kiss our hands as we walked out the door. Is that allowed? 

Sonia is doing great. The ward has taken her under their wings! Someone invited her to lunch in between sessions and sat with her through all of Saturday! And then another family invited her over to their house for Sunday! She said that going into conference she was a little worried that everything they talked about would be over her head but that the whole time she felt like they were speaking directly to her! The Gospel really is so simple and so wonderful.

I'll end with this.. my thoughts on #ldsconf... It was great --- how blessed are we to have a living Prophet and Apostles? So with scrambled notes and this heart of mine, bursting at the seams ... here is what your girl got out of the best 8 hours of the spring-

It's the simple things, scriptures, prayers and church. We rely on our Savior and His atonement in all things. Family is sacred and divine...protect it. Keep the commandments. Realize your full potential, you are more than human, you are a child of God. Take Heart, pure Christ-like love can change the world. Love others, serve others. Repentance keeps us away from the whirlwinds of Satan. Everyone deserves our kindness. Righteous choices bring blessings in time. Keep covenants.  Follow good examples - be an even better example. Do family history work.. our heritage of hope is eternal families. Have real faith. Wrong is never right. Etch eternal truths to your heart. Get to the temple. Look to Christ's example for obedience, don't be selective. Speak kind words to others. Hasten the work in all aspects. Don't fear endings, we only have everlasting beginnings. Gratitude is the catalyst to to Christlike attributes. Missions and dating are one in the same? Respond to promptings. Win THE PRIZE!!!! Loads help us get to where we need to be. Yolk yourself to the Lord. God has given others, so we can love them like He loves us. Love is the essence of the Gospel.

Jesus is The Christ
God is our Eternal Father in Heaven.

I love the mission. I love you all. 

I turn 22 tomorrow. Freaky. Thanks for all the birthday love. 

-Sister Beasley

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