Monday, May 26, 2014

God Bless America & God Bless The South

So today we are driving to email .... and I see an old Ford Truck, in the back... an American Flag AND a Confederate Flag! Welcome to Georgia! Ok, so last night we were able to teach the Restoration and we focused a lot of the Apostasy and the Restoration here in AMERICA! I am so grateful for this land for many reasons... but I am especially grateful that this is the place that the Gospel would be able to stand and go forth! I am grateful to serve in the states, and grateful to be in the south! I am grateful that people here fight for liberty and freedom and even died for it, but above all I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate price. Without Him, nothing could stand and nothing would be possible.

Ok, there's my testimony... Here's what's been going on this week...

First and foremost, I LOVE the people here! We have had so many fun dinners, so many good drop-ins with the members, and just a lot of support. I love that more than anything. Yesterday we were driving to church with a recent convert and he and his wife are like our family! He even said, "Arent the members supposed to create a family/home for you while you are away from yours?" ... and thankfully, that is exactly what we have here!

So this ghetto grocery store we shop at just came out with a gluten-free line. Was it a miracle to find chicken nuggets I can actually eat? As well as brownies? Yes, why yes it was!
Speaking of food.... about 2 months ago we met this lady tracting who said she would love to have us come back, she has friends that are members that she really we got a text from her and not only did she want us to come back, but she fed us dinner! We had a good lesson with them where they asked a lot of questions and said we could come back! Food really does bring people together! 

While I was on exchange in a neighboring ward I met a legit lady! She basically is a preacher, and yet Mormon. Ya gottttta love the people of the south....well she talked to us about a lot of really deep and meaningful things, like trying to help everyone when really the strongest and best things we can do is stand-fast with what we believe and be an example of a foundation of Christ, letting people know God loves them before teaching them about anything else... really we all just need is to be loved, and the last thing she talked to us about is making Christ and what we believe more of a lifestyle. I am grateful to have these significant moments with people who really tell you what you need to hear!

I'll close by sharing this fun-fact I've come to know this week... Sometimes we don't know why things happen...we don't know why we stay in areas, we don't know if we are making a difference... and then just as clear as day, you see exactly why you are needed where you've been placed. I don't know if this transfer will be full of baptisms or even teaching, but I know that I need to be here in Dacula.

I love people! Being a missionary... you are constantly surrounded by Heavenly Father's children. Sometimes it's bad... sometimes it's good.... but at the end of the day and the end of the week, the experiences I am having out here ... and the moments I come to know my Savior best, are when they include people. I have 5 months to keep going, to keep working hard, and to keep making a difference as "Sister Beasley". How grateful I am for that!
Be grateful for your land. Be grateful for the people who share this land with you.

May the Lord be with you!
-Sister Beasley

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