Monday, May 19, 2014

One Degree Difference

What's good y'all?

I ate cheese grits for breakfast today. Things have never been better or worse for me.
This week I learned that creamed potatoes and mashed potatoes are the same thing. 
Where else can I have these kind of experiences? The dirty south is the place for me.

This was one of those weeks where all the days just blurred together and I find myself once again here at the computer on P-day wondering where the time went slash... what the heck did we accomplish and what can I write home about. Just kidding. But seriously.

This week 2 of our investigators dropped us. I wish I had a miracle story where they ended up calling us or showing up at church but they didn't That's life sometimes.. and missions most all of the time! Agency is the best.. and the hardest gift we have, but just like they can choose to do what they need to do, we can choose to accept it and see the good in it. They just weren't ready yet! However, this week me and Sister Winegar met more people who were excited and seemed interested in coming back than ever before. A lot of potential means that we have our work cut out for us in the next week! Please pray for miracles here.

My cool story for the week? Me and Winegar are out knocking doors... we are walking on the sidewalk and realize there are words in the cement! We go back because we thought it said... oh wait, it really did say "The Book Of Mormon." I am going to guess other missionaries before our time wrote it! SO funny! Of course we got pictures!

As you can probably tell, not the best week I've ever had. I know I need to be more focused on the work and do a little more to see miracles! As a Zone Council we have been trying to think of something that can help to push the missionaries in Lilburn to do more... we came up with this to teach the missionaries... and I think I need it most of all...
"Sometimes, just a little difference makes all the difference.
At 211 degrees water is hot— at 212 degrees water boils. This may not seem like a big difference but the difference between just hot water and steam is significant. A steam powered locomotive with the water in the boiler at 211 degrees sits there on the tracks and is totally ineffective. At 212 degrees, the same locomotive will start to move and eventually get up to full speed, climb hills, cross the country and pull tons of freight."
This applies to missionary work in so many ways! I think the Lord tests us. It would be easy to just hand us things, but He wants us to progress, He wants us to become like Him. In His hardest moments He continued to push on and do the will of the Father! We too must do the same thing. 
So that's my goal for the week! I'm planning on having a miracle story. Not that finding vandalism to a neighborhood sidewalk isn't exciting and all... I just know there is more that the Lord needs me and my companion to find and do this week.

Love you all!
-Sister Bea

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