Monday, May 5, 2014

Good Things Going On

Hey Y'all

So this was hands down the fastest week of my mission.. and guess what is even crazier? I call home in a week for the last time as a Sister Missionary! I can hardly believe it, so I am just doing my best to love every second because I have a pretty strong feeling that the last chunk of my time out here is going to be even faster than I will realize. I am so excited to see my family in a week and can't wait to give them a real-life update on all the stuff that is happening here! I love Georgia and I love the work. It can be tiring at times, but when it comes to things that are worthwhile in life, what isn't? Plus the constant feeling of thinking I need a nap makes me think I am working hard- and nothing is as good as being a hard worker, or at least thinking you are one. :)

Ok so here are a few experiences that rocked my world this past week...
-I am just here to say that the Spirit is really the true teacher! We went to a lesson with a part-member family that we haven't been able to get in with for weeks and we had no clue what to teach... even sitting there I was praying so hard that I would know what to say! I am still not sure of what we taught exactly, but all I know is that he has agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Both me and Sister Winegar left thinking... "What just happened/ we'll take it!"

-Maricruz, our top investigator, is doing so well! We were able to meet with her and go over concerns and questions she has. We talked a lot about faith with her and I know that she has had some experiences in her life where if it wasn't for faith she couldn't have gotten through it! I am excited to see her take the faith that she already has... and just increase it with the blessings that come from having the Restored Gospel on the Earth!

- We visited a family that is less active...a few months ago we would go and visit them a lot.. but we haven't been able to see them for a long time! We had a great visit with them and were able to make it to church! It was so great to have them there, as well as a family that dropped us a few months ago! We had more people than ever at church and so that was neat... and surprising.. Haha!

-One night we were about to go back to our apartment for dinner and my companion said that we should tract just a little more. I had the tummy rumbles, but I trusted her and we went forth into a neighborhood and found 2 new investigators! It is amazing to see that with just a little bit more diligence you can witness miracles. I am grateful for an amazing companion who is such a great worker and friend!

-One day we were out tracting and we found a road we wanted to hit up... we then realized it was close to the other missionaries apartment so we said a quick prayer and asked if we should stay, we decided we would. To no surprise, a few people mentioned that missionaries had come by, but we kept going. At just the right moment a member who lives in the neighborhood pulled by and said we should try their next door neighbor. When we went and contacted them they said they knew a lot about the church but that missionaries had never come by! Somehow, when the other ones went through they must have missed them! The Lord answered our prayer and we really were needed there! 

Sometimes it feel like the work is slow, sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, but when I review my journal and look at the week that is behind me I see that this time is so worthwhile! There are days where I wish I was at home with my family, doing fun things, wearing anything but a skirt that goes to my knees, but yet I know this is where I need to be because good things are going on! Bringing people closer to the Savior in whatever way possible is so fantastic.

On a sillier note here are a few important things I'd also like to address...

1. Peach Shakes at Chick-Fil-A ... go get one. It will change your life- and your waist size, but you will be happier than you have ever been.

2. If your mission President tells you that you are the class clown, take it as a compliment.

3. You know you are family when you go to a recent converts house and he exclaims, "Oh no! Not you again!!" but then is sad to see you leave!

4. If you contact in a park.... THE HUGE BLACK WATER SNAKE doesn't count as a meaningful contact, even IF it slithers right past your foot!!!

Ok. I'm done now.

Love you all, from Dacula, Georgia ... to wherever you may be ... & back. That's a lot of love.
-Sister Beasley

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