Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six Weeks More! Another Transfer Another Destiny! This Never Ending Road To Dacula!

Howdy Folks!

So first things first... your girl is staying in Dacula another transfer. My three month curse has gone the opposite way it seems, and I'm finally going to spend a large chunk of time in one place! (one-third of the mission to be exact) SO excited! As transfers roll around you stat to gear up and really ponder on how much you love the people in the area you are serving... and all week I just had this feeling that I wasn't leaving, even though everyone else thought I was! I've never (in my 4 areas) been ready to leave, but that didn't stop the Lord from sending me on my way- so it was the best to hear that I will be here longer! The best part of all of this is that me and Sister Winegar are staying together!  "6 weeks more! Another transfer another destiny.... this never ending road to Dacula.....!" Ok. I'm done, plus... Les Mis ain't exactly allowed.

Need a good laugh, here's a disaster of a story for you. So there are 2 sets of sisters in the ward and last week we went on exchange with them! Me and Sister Rick were out knocking doors and this guy answered, I introduced myself.. and then Rick introduced herself, but said her name was Sister Winegar! She didn't even realize she did it... but then I got the giggles... and then so did she. So here we are, standing on this guys porch, laughing as we are trying to get through our introduction. Needless to say, he probably wont' be baptized in the next few weeks. Haha! But - he now knows Mormons have good senses of humor? Goodness...

We are needing people to teach, so we've been doing a lot of tracting. One day this week we talked to 30 people in one day! It was nuts/ I was tired. Tracting is so entertaining because you get all sorts of crazy experiences... like some guy calling me "young lady" ... and trying to contact an old guy who is speed walking down the neighborhood who totally ignores us! We also talked to a guy about the book of Mormon and somehow he turned the subject to gardening and showed us his back yard that had no weeds in it and said that is why he has faith in God. Wait what? Haha!
On a happier & slightly less bizarre note, a Muslim family from Afghanistan let us in to teach the Restoration... a southern-belle baptist lady agreed to have us back in her home... a straight up thug who seemed so interested... and a guy at Kroger came up to us and asked about our church! I am so pumped to see what happens with all these wonderful people!

So of course the highlight of my entire week was calling home for mothers day yesterday! I can hardly believe how much I love my family. It was such a blessing to see my peeps with Elder Beasley included in that! I love technology so much!!! Everyone back at home seems to be doing pretty well, despite a broken leg or two, but I know that they are in the Lords hands and that He is taking care of them while I am away. My family means EVERYTHING to me. I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for them... and I just can't do my love justice when I try putting it into words.
(Also.. a big shout out to two of my best friends, Mer and Jen who are getting married this week! So sad I won't be there.. but so proud and happy for all y'all!)

In closing, i'll leave you with this thought... yesterday a boy in our ward gave his farewell talk and in it he mentioned that he knows his entire reason for going on mission is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ in any way possible. This week find someone to bring closer to our Savior, if that's someone from your family great... if it's a random guy who talks to you about gardening for 15 minutes, great too! There are chances all around for us to show the love of our Savior!

I love you all! 
Bless your hearts!
Godspeed & Godbless

-Sister Beasley

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