Monday, June 23, 2014

God Calls You To People Not Places

Hello friends and family!

Here are some housekeeping items I wish to address
-I love island food. There is a place here called Pollo Tropical and it's like Jamacian and Mexican food mixed. I could eat there everyday. 
-It's so hot here. That is all I am going to say about the weather.. but really... the humidity and high temperatures might just kill me.
-I made gluten free bread this week with a member.. and it has changed my life
-A COCKROACH CRAWLED ON ME! I had one of those big nasty things right on my LEG!
-I love service projects. And wearing pants
-Note to self, having members involved in the work makes life about 654545 times better. 

So before I get into the spiritual/emotional/touching things that happened this week I'd like to share with you a few quotes from here and there that have just really brightened my week. Of course all of them happened on exchange because the most hilarious/ridiculous/bizarre things happen then.

So first off, I am with one of my favorite sisters ever; muh gurrrl Bedke and we are teaching this great lesson to a guy from Africa. He was at home and his niece and nephew that he lives with were home as well. They were both eating popsickles and were COVERED in the stuff! So the little girl walks into the room and exclaims, "When I eat chocolate... I feel like Jesus is in my home!" This is coming from a three year old! I was laughing so hard... was it the dessert, or was it the fact that two girls representing Jesus Himself were teaching his uncle about the restored gospel? The world may never know...

Next story, me and my other best friend sister Rueckert were on exchange and our appointment fell through. We were in a neighborhood that her and her companion had tracted earlier and they met this crazy guy named Mike. Well, Mike was outside as we were driving by and so we stopped to talk to him. Haha... what a guy! We were sitting in the car and he was talking to us through the window, as we were getting ready to drive away he says...and I quote... "You're attractive (pointing to me), she's attractive (pointing to Rueckert), the car is nice..... God Will Take You In"
Go ahead and take a moment to just process all that... Haha!

This one happened a few weeks ago but I realized recently I never told anyone about it! So me and a sister in a neighboring ward went to teach one of their investigators the 10 commandments... we get to the "thou shalt not commit adultery" ... we decided we weren't going to go into the law of chastity quite yet, but then HOMEGIRL DECIDED TO TEACH US THE LAW OF CHASTITY! All except she had her own way of teaching it and said this... "If you want these goodies (pointing up and down at her body)... what do you have to do? What did Beyonce Say? What did she say ladies? That's right... YOU GOTTA PUT A RING ON IT. If a guy doesn't want to marry you, what do you tell him ladies? What else did Beyonce say? You tell him, Don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable! You find someone who ain't scared  of commitment."
Wow. That was all I have to say. Also.. Can I get permission to use my girl Sasha Fierce to teach about the Lords commandments in other lessons? Haha!!

The life and happenings of a sister missionary are fun, now aren't they?

So this week I hit my 14 month mark. Not to mention my 6 month mark serving in Dacula. I love this ward so much. I have served here twice as long as I have stayed in any other area. Now, I love all the members in all the different wards I've served equally, but with Dacula... I've loved and served and been able to stay twice as long so it is going to be extra hard to leave. Transfer calls came this morning and I am heading to Pilgrim Mill in Cumming! I have been praying to go to that ward since the beginning of my mission. I know the Lord hears and answers prayers!!  I know I am needed there!!! As excited as I am about my next adventure... It is so incredibly hard to leave. Last week in Zach's email he talked a lot about how sad he was to leave the people in his ward and he said something that really hit me... "The gospel blesses families and that's what it has done with me. I have just added so much family to my life and I know that these relationships can last eternity! I know that God calls you to people not places and I'm so thankful for the people god has trusted me with." I echo that today. I feel so blessed to have serve here and to have met people that have changed my life. I know that I needed to be here so that hopefully I could help others, but also so they could help me. Families are forever.... and a huge part of my heart will be with the fine people I have met in this place forever. It is going to be so hard leaving my best friend Sister Winegar, but I am so thankful we had 3 transfers together. She is going to continue to do amazing things here! In the past four and half months we have seen miracles and witnessed the Lords hand in the work. In the past few weeks we have found so many people to teach and it has been so fun to have a few weeks fulls of some great teaching appointments. And like I've said, families are forever. So great news, she isn't getting rid of me and neither is the Dacula ward!

I love this work so much! I love teaching people about the restored truths of the Gospel. I love that the Lord sends people you need to you, and sends you to people that need you. I love each and every person that comes in my path. I love seeing how the gospel truly makes them happier.

I love all of you!
-Sister Beasley

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