Monday, June 30, 2014

"SummerBeez, Makes Me Feel Fine!" Hello From Cumming!

Hello Family and Friends!

So much to tell you! First of all, leaving an area is just the worst thing ever. You literally rip a piece of your heart out with each goodbye, and you don't get it back when you go! Am I going to have any of my blood-pumping organ when I leaven Georgia? The world may never know... We found out I was leaving on Monday and all day Tuesday was spent going from house to house, trying my best to tell the people I love just how much I love them, and just how much they mean to me. There were many tearful goodbyes. One of my hardest was Liz and Eddie Carter. The Spirit filled their home as we had one last talk around the table and said one last prayer. The things I learned in that house and from that family will be forever in my heart!!! I also will never forget saying goodbye to my dear friend Sonia who joined the church a few months back! I just kept saying the whole day... "these are my people! how am I supposed to leave them?" I know goodbyes aren't forever, but it is just so hard to leave! So many people in the ward have become my family. One of the worst parts about leaving Dacula was leaving Sister Winegar... we said one last prayer together and we both cried! I'mso grateful that my time there was so meaningful and so profound! I have no regrets and felt like I did all that I needed to as I drove away!
So that brings me to my new area. Cumming, Georgia.
Make no mistake.. This is where I need to be.
So when you get transfered to a new area, usually the drive there you have the thought running through your mind , "ok.. well this is going to take some adjusting".. but as I drove here to the Pilgrim Mill Ward I felt like I was coming home. I know the Lord needs me here for something! So since the day I got my mission call to this mission I have had a prayer in my heart that I would serve in Cumming. Our good family friends live in this area and I just thought it would be so cool to be around them! I was able to go to their house and surprise them! It was so fun!!! I am here to testify that Heavenly Father answers prayers becasue I am here! My new companion is Sister Summerhays! I served with her in the same Distict and already loved her! We have been having a blast... That is where the "SummerBeez" comes into play. If you thought I was meaning to write"summerbreez" you are wrong. There is no summer breez.. only heat and humidity all the day long, but it's ok becasue I am happy to be serving, happy to be in this area. and happy to be in the SUMMERBEEZ companionship!
So my first day in the area we got to play Bingo at a rest-home and that was a blast! This old man thought someone was cheating and stormed off with his walker! Haha! It was so funny. We visited some ward members that are there and they were so sweet. It's amazing how you can just love someone instantly! There is a tri-panionship of elders serving here and it is so wierd to be the only set of sisters but it's good! The ward is great and I am loving getting to know everyone. I think this is going to be my last area so I look forward to meeting more and more people. Cumming is darling! it's a good mix of a country feel with everything you would ever need right here close! (TJ Maxx included!!!!)  Apparantly Cumming is the egg capital of the world so there are big eggs painted in different ways all over town, just like Park City and the Moosen (is that the correct way to say it?) Haha! Well thats a quick update on ya gurl. I am so happy! I love serving the Lord! I know good things are in store for this area!

We had a lesson yesterday on working hard! That is what I want to do here! Work hard, have fun and serve and love these people with everything I've got!
I am so grateful for all that I have! Both here in Georgia and on the mission as well as back at home and in Utah! The 4th of July has always been a time of Gratitude for me, and I am so thankful to be serving in my favorite land! God bless the USA and may God bless each of you.
I love you!
-Sister Beasley

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