Monday, July 7, 2014

apply SON screen to avoid SIN burn

Oh the beauty of living in the south... and the massive amounts of church signs here that make life easy for a girl like me to come up with a clever title for my weekly emails home! :)

So everything here is wonderful. I have had such an amazing and blessed week and I am just so happy to be on a mission. Everday is an adventure and everyday you learning something new! Serving is the best choice I have ever made.. it has changed my life and I know that it will continue to change my life, not just for the next few months that I am a sista.. but for the rest of my life/eternity. I wouldn't trade this time for anything... it's hard, but mostly wonderful.. and so worth it. If you are thinking of going on a mission- GO. I promise you will be so grateful you did!!

This week we had the fine privelage and opportunity to meet our new mission president and his wife, the Benions. I love them! I know they are needed here in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission and I can't wait to learn from them. It was hard to see the Wolferts go as I mentioned last week, but I had an amazing experience... Ok.. so when I was younger and President Hinkley died I had a hard time accepting that we would get a new prophet. Well not too long after President Monson was made prophet, there was a meeting for the young women and as he spoke it clicked in my mind/the Spirit spoke to me and it was like, "well of course he is the Prophet!" .. so thats how it was with President Benion! I know that he has the keys to preside over this mission and I just love him and his wife. Their "greenie fire" is amazing... but what stuck out to me most was their humility. I can't imagine how overwhelmed they must be, and even said that this whole experience is like jumping onto a moving train and once you find your seat someone tells you that you are in charge of conducting it! I can't  even imagine! They bore powerful testimony of the strength of the Spirit that carries you in trying times and then shared Alma 36:6 which talks about small and simple things bringing great things. Seeing how humble and how much they rely on the Lord has made me check myself... I have now been out for quite a bit of time, and sometimes I need a reminder to lean on the Lord just a little more. I am leaning on him alright, dont' get me wrong! But if we let him take the lead in everything we will not fail and will be able to do even more! He needs our "small and simpleness" to accomplish this GREAT work. I am so grateful to be apart of that!
This week we taught our investigators and had fantastic lessons!
-The first one was with Clarisa. She is the sweetest 19 year old girl ever and is just the best! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and I love teaching with Sister Summerhays! The Spirit was so incredibly strong. All through it I just felt so much of God's love for me and for everyone I am sorrounded by. I even got emotional which doesn't happen to much! It was a powerful moment for sure. When I talked about the Spirit world it was like my sweet great-grandparents were right there with me. That was not only a powerful moment, but a gift and sacred experience from my Heavenly Father.
-Next was Trevor! He is so smart... and a really logical guy so he has a hard time "feeling" that the Gospel is true! That is OK becuse I know that Heavenly Father blesses us with sharp minds that can first think and know it is true, then feel it later. Everyone is different, and everyone learns differently... I love that part of missionary work!
Pray for both of these wonderful people; that they will continue to progress and realize just how much the Gospel blesses lives.

While we were out tracting we met an awesome guy named Joe. The dude knew way to much about our churches deep doctrine... but I think had a hard time with the basics, which are really the most important part... but he was legit! I thought the lesson was turning into a bash.. but towards the end I realized what a great coversation it was! He even said we could come back. He thinks he has more to teach us, but he agreed to take the lessons! I have found that even when I am tested or someone wants to try and shake my faith.. I can't deny the knowledge and feelings that the Lord has given to me. I know this church is true with every inch of me. For that, I am grateful.With Joe we talked a lot about our Savior and just how wonderful and amazing He is. I love that I get to just walk up to houses, knock on doors, and then share my testimony of our Savior! We talked about the Grace of God that comes through Christ and that inspired me to read the talk "His Grace is Sufficient"
^ go read it if you haven't already.

I love my Savior. I love that I am here on Earth to be changed by Grace. I love that I Christ doesn't just make up the difference, he makes all the difference.
I'll end with going back to the title of this email... apply SON screen to avoid SIN burn...
I know that having the Savior near us protects us, not just from sin, but from everything that isn't fair about life and everything that He wouldn't want us to be around.
I love Him.
I love each of you.
I love being a missionary.
I love the crazy and wonderful people of the great state of Georgia.

Godbless and Gospeed
-Sister Beasley
Oh.. I almost forgot.. Happy 4th! Reporting about the day almost slipped my mind because Sister Summerhays was sick so we had to stay inside for most of the day! Even thought I wasn't at a parade, or rodoe, or patriotic program, or BBQ, or anything along those lines I still had a great amount of gratitude for my country! I love this land and I am so grateful for all that the freedoms we have, have done for me. I love the USA!

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