Monday, July 14, 2014

The Doctrine Of "Y'all"

Y'all -  What's good?
I don't care how long I've been in Georgia.. I will never get over just how much I love that word! I have recently decided that it's not only a way to address people, it's also a greeting. When people have been answering the door they say hello, and then I just say y'all. They look behind them to see if there is a group of people, then turn to me with a puzzled look on their face. Oh well, I think it's great.

This week was so exquisite! It started off with an amazing Zone Meeting. We've had a lot of good ones, but this one was tops. The Spirit was so incredibly strong. The first training was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it's connection the message of the Restored Gospel. Honestly, we have so much access to our Savior and his teachings becuse his original church was restored to the earth! How grateful I am for the Lord, and thank him daily for calling a prophet and putting the Priesthood back on the Earth.  Me and Summerhays had the chance to do a training on the Book of Mormon and asked a few missionries to share their testimonies about conversion through the scriptures. It was so inspired to hear from the Elders we asked! I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, which is true evidence of the Restoration of the Gospel.
So this week I have had to learn important lessons about the simple fact that not everyone is going to want to learn about and accept the church. Rejection happens... and yet all we can do is love everyone around us and invite them. The natural reaction of a true testimony is to share it ... so I will continue to do that! And hopefully find people who are ready.... and there are people out there! Sometimes it still amazes me that we go out, knock on peoples doors, and they allow us to come in and want to continue learning! This work is a miracle!
Speaking of people being ready, listen to this..
We were out tracting and we came to a house that had items on it that indicated that they were Hindu!  Hindu people are very private and very set it their ways, but are always so nice! We knocked on the door and the sweetest lady let us right in! (Also, strange side-note.. I was wearing a shirt that had an elephant on it! I know that this has to be part of the reason this story is so great!) She came to American from India for college and while she has been here has gained a love for our Savior Jesus Christ! She knows that faith in Him helps her! We taught her the Restoration and then a few days later went back and re-taught some things as well as read with her from the Book of Mormon! At the end of the lesson she agreed to be baptized in August! I love teaching her because she doesn't have the "solid Christian background" like everyone else here in the South! Instead, we get to help her build her faith from the minimum amount she has! I am telling you, honestly, this is a miracle! I love that I get to have experiences like this!

I've told y'all before that each week for service in the community we help at an assisted living center, right? Well every week I help a man named Randall. I am not exactly sure what his condition is, but he is so sweet! He tries his best to talk, but I can barely understnad him. It was the last round of Bingo and I looked at him and said, "This time you're gonna win!" and he bursted into laughter! It was such a great and simple moment! And... to make it even better, he won!!

Despite the nasty humidity/heat and then the surprise down-pours of rain, we are getting out, talking to people, and teaching more than ever! We have had quite a few return appointments this week and some awesome teaching opportunites! Sometimes we teach in peoples homes, sometimes its in their driveways! No matter where it is I am always so grateful to share my testimony! For one day we gave the elders our car and went out on foot! I am sure that was quite a sight to see two girls dressed up walking down a busy road, but we got a lot of waves and honks! We were pooped at the end of our 6 mile or so day.... and more than grateful to be in a car most of the time!

Yesterday I sat through a very Spiritual Ward Council. As we discussed the needs of the people in the ward I am serving in the Bishop made it very clear that we have a duty to take care of the people around us and help them increase the quality of their lives through the Gospel. As you look at what you need in your life, there is something that will always tie back to the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. We each need the Savoir in our lives. We need His love. We need His teachings. We also need each other.
This week, find a way to reach out to someone, share His love through your love.

So the Doctrine of Y'all is this....
Y'all includes everyone. In Heavenly Father's family there are no empty chairs. We can't waste a single moment not serving one another and doing all that we can to bring them closer to our Savior. I love the people that I am around so much. I love Jesus Christ. I love Heavenly Father.
I love you all. Oh so very much.
Godbless and God speed
-Sister Beasley

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